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buying a ZXR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Is it a good bike to get? I am comparing this with the CBR250RR.

    Is it easy to maintain?

    What are the usual faults with these things? Looking at a 1997 model.

    Are parts hard to get? compared to a CBR250RR.

    Can parts be easily interchangable with a ZZR250??

    Any reason why I should stay away from them? other than you rather another particular bike.

    Seriously, I am in two minds about a very nice ZX2R I have seen for $4900 and the CBR250RR for about $5500.

  2. It's as good as a cbr250rr.
    It's easy to maintain, just stick to the service intervals, lube chain all the basics.
    Cam chains need replacing at around 30000kms. Other things would be worn out suspension and brakes.
    Parts are easy to get. In Victoria theres Southern cross imports.
    Parts cant be interchanged with the zzr as its a completly different bike, zzr parrel twin, zxr inline four.....
    No reason why you should stay away from them, and its up to you if you want to spend $600 more on a cbr250, although its not a better bike.

    Is it a 97 model....complianced or manufactured date?
  3. Don't know of any reason to stay away from one (edit: except for those weird bits of vacuum cleaner hose sticking out of the tank :p ), all Japanese parallel-4 250s are basically the same in terms of straight-line performance due to government regulation (limited to 40ps and 180kph). Maybe the CBR has slightly better handling or brakes or something to justify the extra cost but if you're riding it to the point that you'd notice this then it's probably time for an upgrade anyway.
  4. I like the ZXR's better.... They certainly look better...
  5. From what I've heard, the CBR are more popular (and thus more expensive) than the ZXR merely due to their more readily available parts. Not sure thats still valid though, as I've never had issues getting parts for my ZXR (admittedly I've only ever needed a screen, fairings and oil filter, haha).

    Performance wise, I've heard they're the same. But they're 250cc bikes, doesn't take long to get over their power.
  6. sorry for beeing a noob..... what's and where is the cam chain??? :(
  7. its inside the engine... its a little chain that keeps all the bits running in time with each other...
  8. Inside the engine - drives the overhead camshafts (which open and close the valves) off the main engine crank (the bit that sends power to the rear wheel via the gearbox).
  9. in car terms.... is that the timing belt?
  10. Yep, though some cars also use a chain drive.