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Buying a ZX2R ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iamvinhy, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Anyone know any good places in Sydney to buy late model ZX2R's ?
    C model ..

    I was thinking of buying from Victoria as theres a few that I like..
    what would be the price of freight?

    I know from a Queensland store they offer $100 freight and will also
    colour the bike to any colour you like..

    Any ideas ?
  2. If you search for a thread relating to ZZR250 vs. ZX2R i think you'll find some useful info in it. I pretty sure quite a few people talked about buy what the claimed where 'Brand new' ZX2R from a place in Sydney. They said they were like 2002 models but had been sitting in a factory somewhere and have only now been put on the market. So althought they are technically 2002 models they are brand new.

  3. i think i know the dealer you want to buy the bike from, I believe freight to Sydney would be 200$ thats how much my pool table cost to ship from Sydney. Also i think theres a bike grey importer in sydeny though they get there stuff from sumoto(think there closing down last time i heared) try look at your yellow pages for bike importers, if not i can get you the number to the main zx2r importer here in melb
  4. you would benefit from searching for ZXR250 , the correct name for the bike

    I would not buy any bike from a dealer , let alone a dealer interstate that you cannot check the bike

    as mentioned there was late models sold in aus