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Buying a write off for track day purposes only

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone who lived in Sydney has the time to come hunting around with me one weekend to look at potential candidates for a track bike.

    I've really no idea what to look for / stay away from, and that's where I'd hope to have someone with good knowledge under there belt stepping in and helping out.

    As a gesture of thanks, I’d be happy to buy lunch /slab of beer or whatever really, as your time is greatly appreciated.

    Requirements: My budget is around $8k which includes repair work, and I would like something in the 750cc to 1000cc mark from 07/08 Jap bike. Hell, i'd even ben happy with an R6 flameball special if the price was right. ;0)

    Is my budget unrealistic? or is my budget entirely possible and then some?

    I'd appreciate any insight those in the know can offer.
  2. Thanks mate - I found that site last night and had a looksi, so i'd be keen to go and have a look there in person soonish.

    Now I just need a kind soul who knows more than me (which isn't hard folks, that's for damn sure) to come along and offer input.


  3. Give these guys a try. http://www.motorcycledisposals.com.au/

    Not sure if anything they've got would suit your purposes, and it's a tendering process rather than a straight cash price, but I got a Good deal with the R1100 so I didn't have too many regrets.

    No doubt there are others more experienced than me to advise on what to look for, but I'd seek out smashed plastic, busted clocks, bent subframes and squashed levers. They'll bring the price down, without affecting the function of the bike much and can be replaced to track-day standards (or left off, in the case of much plastic) without costing a fortune. A bent frame or major fork damage would probably put me off a bit (unless I could be confident it was only bent forks).

    The outfit I linked to above also occasionally have stolen/recovered Statutory Write Offs. Worthless as a road bike, they'd be fine for the track, and some look to be otherwise excellent.
  4. awseome mate thanks!

    keep the feedback coming lads -it's helping!
  5. i just saw a dude on the great western highway about half an hour ago riding like a complete tool on an R1.you should be able to buy that at a wreckers soon but i suspect it will be unreparable..
  6. id stay away from anything with a bent frame. In regards to a track bike, buy something 2nd hand. An old honda fireblade in good nick can be had for 4 grand. Or you could pick up an rvf, vfr or aprilia rs250 in the 4 grand range, and make it a track bike. There alot cheaper to run as a track bike too, like your not going to chew through tires, and other consumables.

    If your deadset on blowing 8 grand, go for it, but id say to you blow 5 grand, and keep the other 3 for track days and crashes.
  7. very good advice and taken in & thanks!
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  9. 8 grand will get u a very good track day weapon, providing u don't rush in and buy the first thing that pops up. PatB was right in mentioning Statutory Write Offs, because they can't be registered again they sometimes make a good buy. Boothy was also right in that perhaps u should only spend 3-5grand, still some good buys out there. I wouldn't be to keen on 2-strokes only because of the high maintenance costs associated with power Vvs, top end rebuilds etc. Buying the right 4-stroke, providing the engine is strong and that u ride it hard as opposed to thrashing it(a fine line, but a big difference) will give u years of reliable track day fun.
    I am not all that far from M/C Disposals, I sometimes get guys coming into my shop trying to flog off( legit) track bikes, so I will keep an ear & eye out for u, PM me if u want me to look or run anything by me.
    I drink Bundies :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  10. sounds good to me and it would be greatly appreciated!