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Buying a used VMax

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Big W, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Thinking about buying a 1998 VMax with 44G's on the clock.

    Have not owned one of these bikes before so does anyone know of any issues these bikes have & things in particular I should pay particular attention to (apart from arranging a new pair of shoulder socket joints!!).
  2. umm buy hand grips some with much needed GRIP or some rubber bands to tie yourself to the bars
  3. Don't have direct experience but have read up a bit. They're a pretty under-stressed motor, so someone would be pretty hard pressed to thrash it. Besides that, just general maintenance standards I guess: has it been serviced regularly, oil changed etc.?

    Have fun with it!
  4. hope your a good rider lol
  5. is it like this ( drool)

  6. I owned one for a couple of years, they've got a pile of torque and the motor brings the power on hard (not a linear delivery except down low). There are quicker bikes around but it's the way that the VMax delivers power that makes it feel fast.

    The handling is pretty ordinary though, that turned me off mine.

    I expected to love it and ended up thinking that the lack of handling means you can almost never use the power (except in a straight line and what's the fun in that).
  7. ye i noticed it with the above video, the rear tyre was very square, you would be battling with it in corners
  8. Thanks guys. I had a quick fang on one years & years ago so didn't take a lot in other than the power of the damn thing!

    I have read too that they're not crash hot going through the twisties but I've never really thrown a bike around twisties anyway so not such a big issue for me.
  9. Ha! Yeah thats the problem! Most of us we're competent until fate steps into remind us otherwise!!
  10. I love these things.

    Quote from somewhere: "They don't handle, but they do go some."

    The classic V-max ad line: "The meek shall inherit the earth, but for now - it's ours." :D
  11. Are they a heavy bike? Is that why they're not known to handle well? Or does it come down to ride position, driveline setup, suspension, brakes etc coz I thought many of these issues were ironed out in the earlier models.
  12. They are heavy but that isn't the issue, the real problem is that the frame flexes under power in corners worse than any bike I've ridden since an original Z900.

    I'm a rider who likes to be able to alter inputs in the middle of a corner (not just power but also brakes and cornering line) and the V-Max absolutely hated that.

    Anything other than a constant or slightly decreasing throttle and it'd be wallowing all over the place.
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  13. You can get frame stiffeners for these bikes. Also R1 brakes can be added. Thats what my mate did to his as well as tuning the suspension.
  14. Yeah, I've seen the frame stiffeners added and not real inpressed on the look it gives. I have heard that adding/tweaking suspension, brakes, front forks, and handlebars all help with handling.

    Seems like a lot though. maybe these bikes aren't all they're cracked up to be unless you're into straight line drag racing??
  15. I had one for about 2 years took it everywhere including dirt roads, and yes it is hard to use the power of the beast due to average handling but if you think of it as a cruiser it wont disappoint you in the handling department at all , its only if you pretend your on a sports bike that you will have issues.
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  16. Well thats the thing katman, I'm not a rider who likes to sc**** knees. As you say, you can't lean cruisers down to far either and I'm fairly accustomed to a cruiser.

    Why did you get rid of yours? You don't see too many up for sale. Although there's a few on the market now due to the 1700 coming out!