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Buying a used gpx250r

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by engels, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been looking to purchase my first bike. Anyways long time looking finally think I found an ok deal but I'm not too sure on the K's.

    Its a 2006 Kawasaki GPX250R, black with red stripes. It has 31,000km/s on the clock and didn't appear to have too much damage, only a few minor scruff marks. The price is around $3250.

    I was wondering is this a decent price given the amount of K's on the bike? From my understand 31,000 was quite a fair bit.

    I was looking at purchasing new, but I would cry if I dropped it brand new, haha. Input welcome.

  2. 31 isn't overly bad, esp if you're planning on selling it for a bigger bike when off your restrictions.

    The thing that would be more important is how the bike has been maintained.
  3. Cheers geeth.

    I'll check it out. Will an RACQ engine test tell me all I need to know?
  4. Nope, find a mechanic and ask them what it would cost.

    If you can get the owner to take the bike to the mechanic. Also check log books etc, there is a buying guide on the forums I think under new riders
  5. Looks like a good price.
    31,000km isn't much, even for a 250.

    has it got a safety certificate?
  6. Not yet regarding the safety cert., but its at a dealers so that's not much of a problem for them.

    I'll try and get her to a mechanic then, see what's the dealio. Not sure on the log book status, I'll ask tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help guys :)
    Mucho appreciated.
  7. When buying cars / bike I personally like to look at the receipt from the last service esp it's a major one because any decent mechanic should have on it notes of things that need to be looked at written on the receipt.

    I like this also because the mechanic that has done the last service most likely would have been having a closer look then the doing a 'once over'
  8. bah 31 is nothing.....
  9. Well they wont let me take the bike to get an inspection which is understandable haha.

    The main problem I've been having is finding a mobile bike mechanic, quite the trick

    Edit: YellowPages are your friends. haha.
  10. 3yo bike from a dealer - worth asking about a warranty?