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Buying a used CB400. What to look for?

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by Smoovie, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. So I will be in the market for a used CB400 in the coming weeks.

    Is there anything I should be on the lookout for when purchasing one of these bikes second hand?

    Many thanks,

  2. Howdy SmoovieSmoovie , I own a CB400 so should be able to help :)

    Low Kms , Colour and Condition would be the starting point.
    Has it been in an accident before etc

    I had someone check the bike i wanted for me (paid service) and they checked the following for me;

    Pre-Purchase Inspection Report
    Make Honda
    Model CB400
    Ks xxxxx
    Front tyre x% remaining
    Front pads x% remaining
    Rear tyre x% remaining
    Rear pads x% remaining
    Chain x% remaining
    Sprockets x% remaining
    Measure discs-ok
    Condition/level of fluids-ok.
    Battery and charge system test-no faults found.
    Steering, suspension, brakes- no faults found.
    Check operation of controls-no faults found.
    Raised wheel checks-no faults found.
    Lights, indicators, horn-no faults found.
    Dash lights & instruments-no faults found.
    Road test, check performance & handling-no faults found.
    Engine, clutch, gearbox-no faults found.
    Steering, suspension, brakes-no faults found.
    Oil, coolant,fuel leaks-no faults found.
    Service history-? No
    Security check advised.
    RWC items-
    Overall condition described as-EC apart from scratches.

    I can answer general bike related questions if you have any.

  3. Hi Jaytee,

    That's great.

    Can I ask the name of the Company that provided the pre-purchase report and how much it cost?

  4. Make sure it comes with both keys, and/or the original coded key tag. Mine only had one key with it and no original code tag - so getting a new key ended up costing about $110 and a fair bit of mucking around (Honda dealer to locksmith, back to dealer for programming etc).

    Also check for recalls (there's a few against the CB400) - call a Honda dealer to run the VIN to see if it has been done.

    Worth noting that anything pre 2008 will be a grey import as Honda AU didn't start selling these until 2008.
    Worth noting also that 24,000km is a major service, keep that in mind if you're looking at one that's approaching those km. The valve adjustment can be costly.

    Aside from that, just check everything as you would on any other bike! They're great bikes, I love mine - have fun while looking and test riding!
  5. Consumables and upcoming services should just be considered against the price of the bike and not a turn off.
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  6. SmoovieSmoovie , i got mine checked by MadBiker here in VIC.. it was $300 due to the bike being quite a distance away from them and they had to go onsite to do the check.

    Was money well spent in the end.

  7. As a side note, you should be getting around 300kms per tank of fuel (city riding) ..
    I find my reserve light comes on at around 250 and that means i have 4 litres left in the tank.

    Also, the bike comes with some tools and a manual... Check to see if you have those, normally stored under the seat like mine below...

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  8. Can anyone in NSW recommend a pre-purchase inspection service?
  9. Maybe try offering a case or 2 to a fellow netrider to do an inspection for u. That worked well for me a few years ago
  10. As a comparison, what do you get when doing predominantly highway?
  11. I haven't really checked Highway riding kms as yet.. However , once the bike is back I will be doing a fairly long trip so i'll make a note of kms travelled.

    Due to the slow , start / stop nature of my ride into work i don't see too much of 6th gear...
  12. Fair enough. I get 300km on the highway... and 200-230km when commuting. But I could stand to lose like 30kg lol.
  13. Mine would do ~350km at 100km/h cruising down a highway. But that's an absolute waste of good fuel. I'm also north of 90kg
  14. I get about 300km to a tank, when I ride conservatively (which I rarely do). The longest I've gone without fuel light coming on (or rather, bars start flashing) was 275km.
    Once that happens though, you still have a fair way to go before running completely dry. Having said that, I've never tried.
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  15. I would add:

    Check for the infamous cb400 console rattle (in case you're lucky and it's not there!) and do a PPSR check as you should to make sure there is no outstanding finance.

    I don't know what my mileage would be ~5L/100km...I only recently found out that the bike has a fourth, fifth and sixth gear though (thanks GoozaGooza!)! :p. My bike pretty much lives in vtec...
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  16. Excuse the ignorance, but what is 'console rattle'?
  17. #17 Jaytee, Mar 19, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2015
    Console rattle is when the instrument cluster rattles / vibrates at a certain RPM range. There is a fix on this forum.

    I might add the fix isn't costly and can be done at home..
  18. So I think my beloved CB has developed the console rattle.

    Would someone be so kind to point me to the link that describes how to fix it.

    Many thanks,
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  20. Hey guys I'm new here.

    In the market for a used cb400 currently looking at one but when I did rego check it came back with this:

    '2008 BLUE HONDA OBI CB400 (1/91-12/96)'

    Did a bit of searching and it looks like it's an import (maybe), does anyone know more about this/if this is bad or anything?