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Buying a used car privately without an RWC

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, May 9, 2009.

  1. Just a general warning for those who are contemplating the purchase of a used car where no RWC is supplied.
    I am finding an increasing number of vehicles coming in to be tested, only to find that they have been damaged ( structurally ), and repaired by some backyarder. The repairs I've seen are grossly sub-standard and downright dangerous. :shock:
    It's gratifying when I come across one that is booked in for inspection in the hope that (hidden) damage is not discovered I usually find these faults, and prevent some asshole from trying to sell a timebomb to an unsuspecting buyer.
    BUT... when I test a car that someone has bought in 'good faith' and it turns out to be a death trap .. it churns my stomach.
    Most recently, ( yesterday ), I had a guy bring in a 93 Honda Civic. He had purchased it without a RWC from a 'nice old guy'. He was a rider ( rode an R6), and wanted alternative transport for winter. The car looked clean, tidy and tested mechanically sound.
    A closer look revealed structural repairs to the front and rear section which was carefully hidden. It may have looked fine to the average joe or jan, but this vehicle was a death waiting to happen. Any substantial front or side collision would more than likely resulted in serious injury or death to occupants.
    I felt sorry for the guy, and unfortunately the sellers are pretty much 'protected' by law. " sold AS is ".
    The cost of reparing this car to 'industry standard' was not viable. Basically he owns a scrap of metal.

    So PLEASE be wary when buying privately, ESPECIALLY when sold 'AS IS' with NO RWC. The economic situation doesn't help either. People are trying to make a buck any way than can, even if it means endangering lives.

  2. I work for a large car dealership, and I reinforce what is being said here, with the added

    If you dont pay for a VSR certificate you will be sorry!

    We are seeing significant numbers of owners with loans they "forgot they had" on vehicles.

    The number of 'repairable writeoffs' that have been repaired is increasing as well. That will also appear on a VSR certificate.

    Dont take the chance!.
  3. The rule is, and always was "let the buyer beware"

    This applies to everything. Not just cars.
  4. Might be wrong here but I was of the understanding a basic VSR does not include write offs you need to ask for it specifcally
    ive been out of cars for 12 months but that is the case for bikes
    Or if you want a really good scare go to the auctions and see how much money is spent on crashed cars! you only pay that much if your going to make money out of them.
  5. most wreckers are far from poor.

    I turned my rusty old hilux to a wreckers, sold it for $500 With a shafted Transfer Case and Driveshaft(not including the rust in the body you could put your hand through). They had the bar for sale for $300 and the tray for $250.
    There is good money in wrecking. Newer cars even more so. Body shops prefer not to buy new panels when they can get a second hand one that they have to paint anyway.
  6. Including websites.....
  7. I did say everything, Didn't I?
  8. Can you just clear up - what is the RWC (roadworthy certificate) exactly? Is it just the same as a pink slip, or is it something in particular you get with a car that's been unregistered for over 3 months? a blue slip? if so why are all these people buying unregistered cars?
  9. There is more than one level of VSR certificate.
    If you only ask for encumbrences (loans owing) that is what you get.

    You should always specify written off register and stolen register.

    In the trade it is called a VIP package (Vehicle Information Package)
  10. For NSW:
    Pink slip is a roadworthy (RWC) - you need it every time you register.
    Blue slip is for vehicles unregistered (lapsed) or registered in another state - only needed the first time registering in NSW
    Green slip is CTP - cynical way fr insurance companies to squeeze more money out of NSW drivers (it's included in Vic rego cost)

    Not sure why they think people in NSW need everything colour coded... (I'm sure plenty of Victorian members could suggest reasons :grin: )

    People are buying unregistered cars because they are sold cheap, and look like they don't need much/anything to get a RWC. The basic question is simple - if the car is roadworthy, or close to roadworthy, why hasn't the seller had the inspection done? It's not that expensive and doesn't take long - so the reason is probably that there is something about the vehicle that they don't want to pay to fix, and don't want you to know about until you've completed the sale.

    Hope that clears it up.
  11. Any car without a RWC is worth no more that $200..... Anyone trying to sell a car without a RWC for more than $200 is trying to rob you..... Don't pay anymore than $200 for a car without a RWC and you will save finding yourself paying too much more than what it's woth as scrap metal. :)
  12. No it isn't. It's paid at the same time and appears on the same bill as a seperate item. We do have to pay for it.
  13. The only reason you'd buy a car without a RWC is if you're some sort of enthusiast buying something unusual that you're either going to work on yourself or have the financial resources to pay someone to restore.

    I'm a bit ambivalent towards people who buy unregistered cars and get burnt. On the one hand, I feel sorry for them coz they obviously don't have much money and thought they were getting a bargain, but on the other hand, I can't believe anyone would be so stupid.
  14. I have always purchased a VIP package when buying a motor vehicle / bike. It costs bugger all for the security it provides from encumberance, being stolen or having been written off.
    In fact here in Victoria you can check a license plate or VIN number for free at http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/BuyingSelling/CheckVehicleDetailsBeforePurchase.htm
    I cannot stress enough how useful this free check is worth before even thinking of laying out your hard earned cash!

    Once you have checked the official status of the vehicle / bike you are looking to purchase you can then get right down to inspecting the bike as per normal and going from there.
  15. OK, fine, but it's not a seperate process with a seperate piece of paper from a different organisation. Hence "included" in the total cost you pay at Vicroads for rego.

    And it's always been MUCH cheaper for me than doing it in NSW - I've been living between Melb and Syd since I started owning cars.
  16. does the vip package cover all states ie if the VIN number has been registered in other states it shows the history?? or just the current registered states history?
  17. Good advice !
    However, written-off vehicles ONLY become recorded in the register when an insurance company declares it as a total loss. If the damaged vehicle is not subject to an insurance claim, then there is nothing stopping the owner from performing a substandard repair, keeping the vehicle registered, then selling without a RWC to the unsuspecting.
    If the car/bike is being sold without a RWC, I'd suggest you have it tested BEFORE you hand out your hard-earned cash.