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Buying a used bike - warning signs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kirks, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. I have gone and inspected a gs500f after reading a fair bit about them.

    I watched a bunch YouTube clips so I could have a rough idea of the bikes condition and it passed all those tests.

    I took it for a test ride and was happy with everything so I put a deposit down pending the rwc which it will be booked in for this week.

    I also want to either take it a mechanic to do a thorough check or take it to a friend of a friend (who mostly does dirt bikes) before I follow through with the purchase. The current owner agreed but then after I left, called me to say he wasn't comfortable with me taking the bike about again. He is happy for someone to come to his again, but not for the bike to be taken away.

    Thoughts? The bike has full service history, always serviced on 6000km (though that meant there was almost 2 years in between services due to the low kms). Owner has done some stuff himself with the chain and what not and it is going to have a rwc.

    Should I be worried? I don't really know if I have anyone who will be willing to come and look at the bike as opposed to me taking it to them.

  2. You could always get a mechanic to go there and check it out for you, don't know your location but Brett from mad biker can do it
  3. Put yourself in his shoes, what would you do ?
  4. Is this for me or the OP ?
  5. To the OP mate.
  6. I didn't think my request was unreasonable. I don't know jack mechanically. People in threads here always say to take a bike to a mechanic before you buy it.
  7. You didn't answer my question, would you let a complete stranger ride off on your bike? I wouldn't. You might ask the owner to take it if he has time or arrange the mechanic to inspect the bike at his place. If he doesn't agree either walk away or buy it .
  8. I wouldn't let you take it without it being paid in full and signed over either..
  9. Take my bike away, give me the cash as a deposit please.
  10. And I want full licence details and anything else I can get - result? Answer is NO!
  11. He has my full license details and a photo of it. How is it any different to doing a test ride? I would put down a cash deposit and leave the keys to my car or something.

    I suppose I just don't see the difference to a test ride. He's going to have my car there. And he has my license.
  12. It's been known that thieves rock up in a stolen car, leaving it as collateral on a test ride.
  13. I would do the same as the seller in this case. If you don't want to take the risk, you could always go with one from a dealer either new or second hand. There's plenty around usually. I don't consider these as 'warning signs'. Most sellers would probably do the same.

    How many kms? How old is it? What is he asking for it? Where is it located? Usually people from here will go check it out for you if are not too far out of their way. They may or may not know how to spot problems.

    I reckon if you've done your homework you'd probably do a pretty good job yourself.

    Its OK to take risks in life. Its not like its the worlds most expensive bike.
  14. If you are worried, get a mechanic to go to the site. Completely fair of the seller to not want you to ride off on his bike for several hours before you've paid in full.
  15. Identity theft is hugely prevalent. It's not uncommon (or even that difficult) to obtain a fraudulent drivers licence to facilitate the theft of any number of things. You wouldn't hand over the equivalent pile of cash to some random on a promise to return.

    Obviously this isn't a hard and fast rule, but I reckon it would be good position to start from. Due caution and common sense should prevail.
  16. Alright cool. I'll see if I can organise a mechanic to look at it then.
  17. A test ride lasts for 10 mins for a private sale yes? Did you have a friend with you who stayed there while you rode? Every test ride I've given out has had a friend stay behind. If that didn't happen, I'd follow in the car or make sure the insurance covered the theft (which I don't think they would).

    A mechanical inspection lasts potentially hours. More over, most stolen bikes are stripped down and sold for parts so what you are suggesting to him is perfect cover. I wouldn't let you do that with my bike.

    If you want a mechanical inspection done, you have to organise to do it in such a way that he is happy with. This is not unreasonable and you have to accept that buying a used bike will always come with some risk.