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Buying a used bike. Negotiating with dealer.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heretic6, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Been looking around for a used bike for ages and now I ready to put my money down. Ridden afew that I like.
    Any way my question is how do I go about negotiating with a dealer. I found a used bike for sale at a dealership and it seems to be a good price. I'm going to check it out on monday 29/1. If I like what I see do I just make an offer and then take it from there?
    I've bought 3 bikes before but only from private sellers. I just made an offer went back and forth and 5 minutes later rode away but with stealerships I'm abit more worried that it wont be that easy.
    Also are there any hidden charges when buying a used bike from a dealership?
    Any advice/help would be great.

  2. make it clear you only want to talk about a ride away price.
  3. Make it clear you have the money to buy it right on the spot. Give them a low price to start with. Have a figure in your head before you start talking to them of how high you're willing to go. If you get to that point, don't go any higher, just say sorry thats as high as I can go, and stare them down. After an uncomfortable silence they will either say congrats or sorry.

    Good luck
  4. You are going at the right time, end of the month is best, probably been a bit slow as well after Christmas.

    I simply ask them for their best price if I buy today - if it is 10% or a bit better I think you are doing well. If they want you to make an offer, 15% below is a good starting point. If the tyre/s need changing ask about a discount on them when you come back or for anything else you buy.

    You are generally going to be responsible for your own stamp duty (3%)but that should be it on a used bike in NSW.

    How old's the bike you're buying? As you're in NSW you get three months and 3,000kms warranty if bike is under five years old and 30,000kms

    Good luck with it all and let us know how it all goes
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. The bike I'm looking at is a 2000 year model, so I guess that I dont get the warranty. The bike is going for $8000 so should I just offer them $7200 and then play the counter offer game or is that starting price too low? I have to actualy fully check out the bike, and I'll hopefully see places where I can deduct from the sales price.
    Another thing should I carry some cash on me so that I can show them I'm serious?
    Any other advice would be well received thanks.
  6. No need to show cash matey.

    They will know your serious by simply telling them if you get it for a decent price, you will be paying cash TODAY. :cool:

    What bike you keen on? (may have missed it in previous posts).
  7. If you don't get the price you want, but you're close, look around for something you might need or want and tell them to throw it in.

    telling them, that you want it TODAY or you can put a deposit down is also good.

    When I was a car salesman, parents were the ones to try to please. If they didn't think a car was cheap enough, it usually meant 'no sale'. So I had to work on them for quite a bit. Usually give in to them on some level.
    So bring along an oldie. (suppose it only works if your quite young)
    Or the WIFE!
  8. I'd be offering maximum $7000 for first offer. Dealers can usually take at least $500 off any bike so I would go to $7500 at most. Normally you can find the point at which they won't budge on price anymore and then you can try to get them to throw something else in as well :grin:

    Take them for what you can and make them squirm.

    God I love bargaining. :LOL:
  9. Thanks for the replies, they'll come in handy when I go see the bike. Oops I forgot the bike in question is a honda CBR929 2000 model.
    I'm not too good at negotiating but still have to try and get the best price possible. I'm more than willing to walk away, I've been looking around for a new bike for a while so if I miss this one I'm not too concerned.
    I dont have a wife (ladies, I'm single :grin: ) and I'm 25 so having my folks tagging along wont look to nice.
    I'll keep you upto date.
  10. Check out bikesales.com.au, bikepoint.com.au and your state's trading post online for similar models. See what they're selling for. Check www.redbook.com.au to see what it indicates that the market value is.

    At least when you have all this info you can make an informed choice as to whether you think the bike is fairly priced.

    When dealing with professional salespeople you have to remember that they do this for a living. You will be but one of many that he will deal with during his working day. You'll never get the 'upper hand' on him, nor will you make him "squirm" as someone else suggested. He'll know exactly what the bike can be sold for and he won't go a cent under it.

    Remember too, you have to realise that sometimes, if a bike is a bit too pricey for your budget, that you may need to walk away. Continue to search for the ideal bike. If, after haggling, you're not happy with the price, then say, "sorry, I'll keep looking. Thanks for your time". If the salesman lets you go, then you know you were below his selling point.

    Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on.