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BUying a used bike interstate!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nickyb88, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Following on from the recent Q about buying a new bike from interstate, how does it work if I wanna buy a second hand bike?

    Found a bike (LAMS approved, over 250cc) in QLD. I can't really find the bike in NSW and I'm very keen to buy it.

    Does it matter that it's QLD registered or would I have to de-rego it and re-rego it in NSW? I'll be living in NSW the whole time...
  2. interstate

    Bought my Kat from guy in Melb last year. Registration is straight forward, just go to any mechanic which does blue slips and get it inspected and a the certificate issued. Take it along with the receipt of sale to RTA, rego, green slip etc. All too simple, unless it was my bike cos it was missing the compliance plate and the seller forgot to mention that prior to the sale. In which case I had to give proof of two years of continual interstate registration using either past rego papers. This was a hassle cos the previous owner had it for a year before selling it to me. In all it took about 3 days before finally getting it registered in nsw.
  3. Sounds like a plan...

    All up how much does it cost to do all that?
  4. interstate buying

    The blue slip was about $80 from memory. The other costs are dependent on the price of the bike.
    I'd prefer to buy it locally if it was available.