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Buying a used bike interstate,any experience nsw to vic?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kwik, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hi
    as the thread states i am looking into buying a used bike from victoria, reason being the bike i am looking at is very low km and in excellent condition and all the ones for sale in nsw are higher km and previous generation model.
    I was thinking of using a friends Vic address for ownership transfer, then riding back to newcastle, and then getting the blue slip and changing it to nsw plates, the advantage i see in changing ownership to a friends vic address is that i will get the refund for cancellation of vic registration and would possibly make it simpler for transferring than interstate paperwork at the transport department..or is this a straightforward process?
    Will vic roads (or whatever the Vic transport is called) require my license or vic license when changing ownership or need to see proof of residence?
    Has anyone done this before,just wondering if there is any paperwork issues involved or too much of a hassle
    thanks for any help people

  2. Youll need unregistered vehicle permits.

    It wont be cheap like you think.
  3. To save all the hassle get the owner to cancel the rego before you pick it up and take the refund of the purchase price simple!

    Then put bike on trailer and drive home.

    Then register it in your state.
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  4. It's not rocket science and it's been done millions of times before.
  5. Or compare registration costs in Victoria and keep it registered there - it may be cheaper
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  6. That sounds overly complicated.

    I do live in Tassie though.

    When I moved down here, I brought my car with me. Changed my licence over from NSW to TAS, got the car inspected, then went into Service Tasmania (our version of the RMS), regoed it in Tassie, got Tassie plates, cancelled NSW rego (recieved the appropriate refund too) and handed in the NSW plates. All in one visit. Was bleating easy.
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  7. Trailer?? God no i want to RIDE it haha
  8. at least in victoria you dont need a rwc every year.:happy:
  9. nothing wrong with putting bike on trailer.
    you can ride it once you get it home and no need to waste money on permits and what not.
  10. Which is why there are so many dangerous rust-buckets on Victorian roads..
    I guess the big question is, if you are buying out of state, who has inspected or ridden the bike for you, or are you just taking the seller's word for everything??
  11. if i was to buy a bike interstate i would jump on a plane and go see it in the flesh .
  12. Exactly, or, do what has been done here many times, ask someone from Netrider to examine it and test ride it; I have done this on quite a few occasions, always with satisfactory result.....
  13. To clear it up a bit i am not buying the bike until i have checked it over myself in the flesh, it looks well looked after in the pics and low kms, if it was bad i would simply walk away, i was looking at keeping it rego'd in VIC so i could get the refund in rego when i hand the plates in to the RTA, i simply wanted to know if anyone had transfered a vehicle to NSW or if i was going to be license checked by VICroads, do not want to do the trailer or get the owner to cancel his rego, i havent bought it yet but am thinking of going on a mission to check it out and if all goes well buy it, was just after an idea how the VIC side of it would operate if i used a VIC address with a NSW License (if they check your license)
  14. I havent done it but i know that you wont be able to get the refund yourself because you cant register the vehicle in Vic because you dont live there.

    The old owner can cancel the rego and receive the refund, you can negotiate that in the price.

    You need to get unregistered vehicle permit and ctp cover note for both states. Then blue slip in NSW then plate stamp duty green slip and rego fees at the rms

    Its a pain.
  15. Sounds like a pain bugger it
    I was hoping i could use a friends vic address to register it but may not be a go if they need more details such as a vic license, thx for the info
  16. how much is rego refund? $200?
    get temporary rego, either from Vic or NSW and ride it home legally