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Buying a Used bike from dealer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by beruoist, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Need some guidance and advice from you.I have purchased a used motorcycle from One of the dealer in Melbourne CBD for 3250.

    Its a used Hyosung Comet GT250,which has done around 9K's.3250 includes everything, registering the motorbike on my name.I was wondering what all documents i should ask from the dealer.Here is the list of documents which he has already given

    1) Payment receipt
    2) Form 4 and Form 7 - Motor car traders act 1986
    3) Contract of sale of motor cycle

    I asked him to provide a RWC,he advised that it will be submitted to Vic Roads.

    Last but not the least,Please advice about the suitable motorbike insurance which i should purchase.Is it mandatory to have one in VIC state.

  2. Not mandatory to have insurance but GOOD to have it.

    Try calling Swann Insurance (they're good and I'm with them) because I would not ride without insurance if I were you.
  3. Been too long since I bought a used bike from a dealer so can't help there.

    On the insurance side of things there is personal injury insurance included in the cost of your registration, but property damage insurance is entirely optional. Would be wise to at least get 3rd party damage however, as you can be billed for damage to road infrastructure (ie hit a safety barrier and they can bill you for removing the dent).
  4. Have a look at the brake pads as well, if theyre worn get them to change them. Not that its an expensive or difficult job but they shoulda done it already. Mine werent.
  5. Thanks you for the quick response Lazy Libran.Appreciate it.

    Quite useful piece of advice.thanks a lot.

    Very important thing to check.Will do that first thing in the evening.Thanks a lot.

  6. Don't worry about the RWC with the dealer. You won't get one, but you'll get your transfer of ownership, which is really all it is used for. All it is really useful for other than that is to say the lights and switches work, the tyre tread was not completely worn and the brake pads have 2mm on them.

    If you got a bike that was more than 10 years old, you don't even get a statutory warranty.

    For a cheap bike like that, all you need in Victoria is third party, if you want it at all. Theft insurance maybe, but comprehensive is probably not worth it. Life insurance is paid for with the registration.
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  7. If you've read the stories, maybe some roadside assistance is a good idea :p