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Buying a Triumph Sprint ST in QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by manfredman04, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. I'm finally (after many years) in a position to actually buy a new bike and I've settled on a Triumph Sprint ST. With the introduction of the new Sprint GT, I am hoping there are some good run-out sales on the ST models. while I'd like the ABS option, I am keen for a good price on any ST model. Does anyone know who is offering the best deals (Presently in Queensland, butprepared to look at buying interstate if the price is right)

    I have seen the pricing on Bikesales, but read in a mag that some pricing was as low as $13999?

    Apprec yr help

  2. Re: Buying a Triumph Sprint ST

    welcome to the forum...
  3. Re: Buying a Triumph Sprint ST

    Contact the mag and ask for details - BTW welcome to the forum
  4. Re: Buying a Triumph Sprint ST

    First of all welcome and a great choice of bike.

    When I went looking for my Sprint, I was able to view bikes available in various stores just by viewing the adverts which evidently were run-outs as they were new STs. Don't know that you'll get one for $14K but you may be able to bargain (although a Triumph dealer said there's more interest in runout STs than GTs).

    I didn't get a new one, I got one with 20000km on it.

    Good luck and enjoy your Sprint. You will love it :)
  5. Re: Buying a Triumph Sprint ST

    you could also do the obvious thing and *gasp* call up bike stores yourself instead of getting us to do the leg work.
  6. Bike mag probably didn't include on road costs for one, where as bikesales prices usually do.
  7. A good mate of mine sells Triumph for Sunstate in Maroochydore. I know he will bust a nut to make a sale. He was top salesman last year.
    Tim D'cruz @ Sunstate motorcycles 0432152164
    Will all depend on Mugga's mood though. Cranky little shit he is. But yeah Tim will dohis best for you.
    Tell him Brett sent you