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VIC Buying a suspended bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dima, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I found quite nice bike on bikesales: http://www.bikesales.com.au/private/details/suzuki-gsx-r600-2011-12919902

    The problem is that it is suspended and the seller doesn't feel "trustful".

    The registration enquiry from VicRoads looks like:

    Vehicle Type	Motorcycle
    Victorian Registration Number	1E2YZ
    VIN/Chassis Number	JS1C3111200100305
    Engine Number	N738106082
    Colour	WHITE
    Make	SUZUKI
    Body Type	MOTOR CYCLE
    Compliance Plate Date	10/2011
    Year Of Manufacture	2011
    Transfer Dispute	No
    Registration Serial Number	6983743
    Registration Status	Suspended
    Registration Expiry Date	 
    Sanction(s) Applicable	No
    The stuff that makes me even more suspicious even further is the reply I got from the seller: Suspension will be gone when sold cos I'll have to get a RWC.

    Taking into account that the ad says RWC is provided, it sounds like there's something "not so right" going on.

    Apparently, suspension won't go anywhere after getting RWC. Most likely I'll need a new rego (which is 1.2-1.3k).

    Then I checked a bit further, and according to Netrider post on decoding VIN it seems to be a scooter.

    I guess all that is suspicious enough to stop.


  2. The rego is supended, because there is no rego.

    RWC's are valid for 28 days, once the bike is sold, seller gets RWC.

    Then you're responsible for registration. You may or may not be able to continue the suspended registration, if not, just means you may need new plates.

    I'm not saying it's not dodgy, but that all appears normal. Get a REVS check, or whatever they're calling it these days, to see if it's encumbered, that would be a bigger worry than not having rego for me.
  3. I had the seller call me this afternoon - yeah OK, I got time on my hands and don't mind a stink...
    Dude sounded fairly shocked when I put it on him about the VIN, and was apparently going to call VicRoads in a minute.
    He also explained it would have RWC and rego when sold - he said the rego was cancelled because he moved the plate under the guard and got busted, but he's put the ugly stock fender back on now so there won't be a problem.
    Also said he's got video of him riding it out of Peter Stevens brand-new, in case that matters...

    I'd still be a bit suspect if I was at all interested, but I might go take a look anyway...
  4. I probably don't get it, but how do you know it? I thought if there's a plate number, then there's a rego, suspended or current.

    That's fine, but as far as I can see, the bike can't be sold without current registration.
    This is a quote from the Application of Transfer of Registration: "Seller instructions: ensure your vehicle is still current (not suspended or cancelled)."

    Does it mean that the bike would be considered unregistered? How would I make sure I can register it with no issues? Can't find much info on VicRoads.

    Right. So this is pretty normal stuff. Thanks.

    I wonder why did he call you? Because of this thread or something?

    Well, the VIN thing should be checked properly since not all numbers match to the thread that I linked to. Maybe it's just numbering system that has changed a bit or at the end of the day I could get it wrong (that's why I linked to the sources).

    Poor guy, I'm really sorry for him and for this whole thread at the end of the day.

    Would be cool to see :), but nah, doesn't matter much to me.

    Maybe I will, but feels like there's more risk that it's worth (no rush for me buying one right now).
  5. Because I made an enquiry off the Bikesales site and left my number.
    Why else?
  6. Because Sir-Ride-Alots imaginary Men In Black have got you on speed dial ?
  7. Yes. But if he's selling with rego & RWC, no worries.

    Do a REVS check with Vicroads, if that all comes up clear, you won't have any problems. It'll either have a new plate & rego number, or the old one will be restored, not sure.
    This pertains to a registered vehicle, which it currently isn't.