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Buying a supersport, 6k budget

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by brent88, May 8, 2014.

  1. Hi, I am off restrictions and in just shy of 2 months and will be buying a new 600 or 750cc bike within a month of being off restrictions. I currently ride a Suzuki Across 250gsxf that I will be selling. I am leaning towards either the Cbr600 or GSXR600 but would love a Gixxer 750 but have been told that as I mainly do town riding it won't be any advantage over the 600's.

    I've been told that with liter bikes in town you're always in low gears and can never use the power anyway which makes more then enough sense especially when considering that 600cc's can do 10.5 Quarters stock so the 750 gsxr would be the highest capacity bike I would consider.

    So I wondering peoples opinions and suggestions regarding what year bike and what make/model I could buy? I would like to be able to retain the option of carrying a pillon passenger, I am 6 foot, 25 years old and will take this bike to the track (probably Winton for starters), I do want something with a nice color scheme and I want something that I would get bored with. Comfort is not a main priority just a bonus if anything. Something that feels balanced and easy to ride fast is what I am after.

    Suggestions? Model, Make and year please. Looking at bikes mid 2000's probably as I need EFI and have heard the early 00's EFI's have traits that have lots to left desired. Weight is a factor also as I love the corners and want something nimble.

    Thankyou:) Will ''like''/''upvote'' helpful/constructive comments:)
  2. You can get a lot for pretty cheep if you look around 04-06 year range. Most of them have pretty high K's though, for 6k, a supersport around that year will probably have 30-40k+ Km's

    If you stretch to $8k you will get something much newer and probably more reliable. Well worth the extra $2000 I think.
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    My suggestion would be,listen to what people here recommend,tally up the results,and buy what is the popular bike.Dont for a minute make your own decision,they are fraught with danger.
    At least when you are wracked with buyers remorse,you can blame bloody notrider.

    Clayton-please tell me you have upgraded from the 250
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  4. Cbr600 f4i all the way
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  5. Just buy the Gixxer like everyone else.
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  6. FWIW my thou is an awesome commuter. Low gears in town?? Pish! I go thru gears a lot more on the 250 commuter than the Z. Just thought I'd mention it.

    And since when is Bendigo "town" anyway :D?
  7. You've been told wrong. In fact you've been told the polar opposite of the truth. On a litre bike you can use higher gears around town. You can sit in 4th gear at 60kph and still have power on tap, at the ready. Try that on a 600 and you will lose a rolling drag with most cars.
    In many ways 1000s are easier to ride as you can worry less about gears and concentrate on other things.
    I do understand people wanting to not step straight onto a litre bike from a 250, but its been done many times without the dire consequences the beige army seem to think are inevitable.
    Anyway if your set on a 600/750, then the 750 is a nice compromise between 600-1000. $6k would be pushing it for an 06 onwards gixxer 750 but if you're patient you could score. The 04-05 750 is a great bike too and these would definitely fall into your price range.
    Someone previously mentioned the F4i. They're a bit older being a 01-02 but you can get a nice one for around $4k these days. Beautifully balanced and from my recollection fuel injection was fine on mine with no snatchiness. There seems to be more examples of F4i's for sale in really good condition than the other makes of that period. Perhaps the Thrash em and crash em brigade were more into the r6s and gixxer600s in the early 2000s?
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  8. I had an F4i, changed the cogs and it would power wheelie in 1st and 2ng gear and the seating position isn't as aggressive as the latest 600's so it makes a great commuter.
    Otherwise I'd get a CBR929/954 almost a litre bike in a similar frame as the f4i. Those things are mental!
  9. Hmmm I guess it will also depend what's out there at the time I am buying, 1 advantage I have is that I don't ''have to'' have a certain bike so I should have a bit of choice. The 750 Suzuki would be nice and they don't really seem to be any dearer then the 600's. I should try and not get anything older then an 04 right? The fact that I am 6 foot should not affect my choice really right?
  10. You're coming from a 250 across so any of these bikes are gonna feel roomy! The F4i are 01-02, but they are really well built and dont have any known common issues that I'm aware of. As Beza said they are quite comfortable too and have a decent pillion perch. If gsxrs are your thing I'd stick 04 onwards. R6s/ZX6s 03 onwards.
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  11. Thanks, I've also noticed some bikes are registered as solo's? Does that matter or do I just put the pillion seat back on and re register it for 2 people?

    How will I go about test riding? I've bought cars and 1 bike before but I know a lot of sellers are saying they require a deposit. If i left my details and phone and/or wallet with the seller that should be enough right?

    Am leaning towards the 750 gixxer as they don't actually seem any dearer then the 600 cbrs and gsxrs and ive been told that they use the same frame as the 600 GSXr's too, is this right and if so for what models? What are the years of 750GSXR's to avoid or buy? there is an 09 750 for $6,600 that's only done 23xxx kms, seems like ultra good value right?
  12. If you'd LOVE a gixxer 750 then get it. It's not significantly more to handle than a 600, but the extra bit of torque will be handy and let you be lazier with gear shifts in traffic.... Besides... You said you'd love it....
  13. I had suzuki across for the past 7 years and now CBR 250 '13 and really desperate to upgrade to Supersport too...but whatever you are getting next will definitely be better than Suz Across :)
  14. The 750 Gixxer is one of my favorite bikes. My other choice would be an 07 08 Kawa 636.
    The Snoozie being more tame and stable, the Kawa being more of a ratbag and a bit more exciting. None the less much slower than the Snoozie who does it with ease.

    And yup whom ever gave you that load of shit about a liter bike cant ride or find his ass with both hands. You can short shift and cruise much easier on a liter than a 600. 600's incite you to rev them, and once you do your hooked and blatting down every road well up in the rev range.
    The riding position is the same on both, possibly a bit more tucked on a 6.

    Don't get me wrong tho, I love the 6's. They make the best track bikes for mine and I love them there at the track....But for the road... If I had to ride the 150k's home and there was a 600, 750 and a thou waiting. Which ever of the 750 or 1000's keys were closer
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    Bretto there is no such thing as a ZX636 in 07/08, it's a 600.

    OP, the K4 is the lightest, narrowest and most powerful of the GSXR750's up until about 2011. I guarantee you it will fit within your budget and you wont be disappointed in it.
  16. Exactly.

    OP, get a 1000 straightaway if you don't want to be yearning to upgrade within a year's time. I'd say, as has already been suggested, get one of those Honda CBR929s. Almost a litre bike with 600 class weight. I know someone who's got one and he can't stop talking about it (mind you he's got an RC51 as well and has had many other bikes). Not to mention they look absolutely fantastic.
  17. K5 in the 750 is the same bike also BTW, they didnt change till K6 to the "new" shape
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  18. Litrebikes are shithouse if you actually want to ride properly (even moreso if your starting out at the track). I've owned heaps of sportsbikes, I still reckon the best bike for mountains and trackdays is the Daytona 675, they got awesome linear torque which makes them really easy to ride on the road.
  19. 2000/2001 CBR 929 152Bhp & 172kg

    2004/2005 GSXR 750 146Bhp & 163kg

    If I had my time again, I would have progressed from LAMS to 600/750 to 1000cc+. Throwing horsepower and in many instances, electronic rider aids do not make you a better rider straight up. I'll honestly admit that it's take me probably 2+ years to learn how to ride my 1098, the biggest improvements were seen after CSS and track days...on a 600cc machine!
  20. My first bike bike was a cbr900rr, (919cc model), I got very find memories of it. They are a great bike but pretty long in the tooth by today's standards. I went from the 900RR to the 675 and they felt almost identical in power and delivery except the Daytona handles 3x aswell due to the nimbleness. I sold the 900 to a mate so many a drag race and top speed run broke out, there was nothing between the two bikes in a straight line.

    The 900s are not "like a litrebike" at all, they're like a torquier 600 or 750 or a 675.