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Buying a suit - advice?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Nucleotide, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. I went into AMX today and tried on a couple of Berik 1 piece leather suits. Tried a size 54 to start with. Getting into it wasn't too bad, getting out of it was literally impossible - I needed the assistance of my girlfriend and even she struggled to pull the thing off. Not to mention while it was on it felt like there was a 20+ kg's of weight pulling down on my shoulders/across the top of back.

    I tried the size 56 next and although it was hard to get out of I managed to pull it off myself... just! This seemed to fit a bit better - I didn't feel like I was carry 20 kg's of weight on my shoulders - still a small amount of weight though but I think it would be bearable.

    Having never purchased a 1-piece before, should I be buying something that is quite heavy on the shoulders/tight and impossible to remove given it will (I would assume) stretch or should I go with the 56?

    Is there anything in particular I should be looking for or taking into account when trying on these suits?

    Thanks a lot. :)
  2. anything your gfriend pulls off has to be the rite size?
  3. Hahaha
  4. Seriously though, get the 56. The other is probably tight on the shoulders as its a little too small for you so it's pulling your shoulders when you straighten your back up. You want to get something you can handle being in all day. Also leather does stretch but not a great deal so dont count on something too tight stretching easily.
  5. Wasn't there someone at the store to help you with sizing?
    Here is what i found to help you:)

  6. A good fitting suit should need some help to get out of just someone holding a sleeve while you manuver your other arm out.It does get easier the more times you do it.There is nothing better than a custom suit,this will cost you between 1600,2000 bucks .If u but a suit that is just ok or think maybe it will be right later and it doesnt well thats not a cheap purchase as u will have to get it altered or sell the bargin suit and park out of a good one.I got one fron tiger angel and i can tell you i dont even notice that i am wearing it on the bike like i used to with my old 2 piece.Best purchase ever for the track.
  7. you need to sit on a bike in the suit. they are not that good for walking around in. (heard it described as walking like a monkey humping a basketball).
  8. means it to small

    you just answerd your own question

    It will stetch over time
  9. Gimoto Custom suit or nothing. Contact ozmotorcycleleathers (who im sure will be in this thread pretty soon) and talk to them about pricing, but its more affordable then you would think and very much worth it.

  10. do they have a presence in melbourne....
  11. Well you could get measured up by anyone and send the info up to sydney and they could make it for you, but if you want them to measure you etc then you would have to go see irena and ed in sydney. you can like fully build your suit online though so things like colour schemes and patterns can be sorted out remotely.
  12. Interesting. I've not seen a 'German' sizing for garments that's one size different to EU. You still see the UK/US imperial sizing a lot.
    One more thing to remember.
  13. what if im 195cm tall ](*,)
  14. take up 4WD then?
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  15. I have said it once...said it about 3 times actually....lol


    Top quality....good pricing....great after care...
  16. why the hell buy a 1 piece in the first place? A 2 piece is much more practical, and if you have trouble getting a top and bottom to fit you properly you can mix and match to make your perfect suit. Plus you can have a crap without getting undressed

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  17. Well then Berik wont be suitable, but some brands do offer suits for people that are 190-195cm tall..
    Most suits are made to a spec and each manufacturer is different so sometimes its trial and error to get the right suit.
    Same goes with two piece suits, sometimes you can mix and match and it works out, other times it doesn't.
  18. I ended up buying a two-piece today. Just came on here to update the thread with what I purchased and seen this.

    The two-piece is more practical I think as well. If I purchased a one-piece the only time I would wear it would be on the track - which I doubt would be more then a couple of times a year if that. At least with the two-piece I can hang the pants when they aren't needed and wear the jacket whenever I feel like it. It is also a bloody lot easier to get out of.

    Ended up buying a Dainese jacket and pants from AMX. Should have shopped around a little more though. Peter Stevens are selling the exactly the same gear for almost $150-200 cheaper.

    It's the last time I shop at AMX. They've preached 'best price' crap to me on two occasions now and I've been ripped a new one both times. Should have learnt the first time. :(
  19. Get custom leathers, off-the-shelf leathers aren't built for everyone and you'll get a much better suit than practically anything else. They do cost a fair bit though but it's worth every cent.. You get what you pay for
  20. have heard by quite a few that these guys are expensive, quality is there but very pricey [from what I heard, people bought from there]