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buying a steering damper

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shady_knife, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. buying a steering damper for my newly aquired 91 KR1S, ....having zero idea about steering dampers in general, let alone one for a 20 year old two-stroke with a habbit of giving tank slappers, can anyone;

    give me an idea of what i should be looking for?
    a rough price guide? (price seems to vary from $40-$800)
    and, what are the online stores in australia that stock this stuff? or do i have to go overseas for it?

  2. Check that your wheel weights are still on before you do anything. I had a bike that would headshake reglarly that was eventually found just to be that.

    If it isnt that, no idea where to get one, www.rgv.co.uk forum might have an idea.
  3. not just my bike afaik. its a model thing.

    i haven't got the bike yet, waiting for delivery... just doing research. with intent to buy.
  4. Good little proddy. And yup they liked to shake and boogie lol.
    Getting the damper wont be hard. Finding the mounts for it will be the trouble. Might have to go to an engineer.
    Try some of the bigger shops O/S.
    More power racing so forth.
    A pommy shop might be your go as the yanks were never big on the 250 2 strokes.
  5. yeah started a thread on the kr1s uk forum as well.

    a zx front end conversion seems somewhat common...
    apparently there's a mounting bracket that kawasaki made.... but its (surprise) rare as hens teeth. thinking the engineer idea might be the go.
  6. with steering dampers, are they ALL essentially universal? just different mount points ect, or are they set up completely different... looking at maybe buying one off a 06-07 kawasaki zx-10r.... or would i be better of buying one from a 'smaller' bike, such as a zxr400?
  7. What size/profile is the front tyre on those?

    During the 16" front wheel fad era, some larger models (in my case a CBX750) were improved noticably by going from a 120/80 to a 110/90 tyre, which essentially made for a narrower, longer front contact patch of about the same size.
  8. those i guess.
  9. Along with checking all the other stuff that can contribute to this on an individual bike, a switch to a 100/80 front might well help calm the front some. In theory at least, but since there's a bunch of other variables that can be causing or worsening the problem, it's a bit of a "maybe try it and see" option.
  10. Are you going to road or track the beast???

    Road, I wouldn't worry about a steering damper. Just make sure its all lined up properly and balanced.

    Track on the other hand,...if the intent is to race post classic amongst the PCRA blokes...then you'll be doing a lot more than just looking for a steering damper.....Usual 2 stroke stuff....ports, pipes, carbs, bigger brakes...LOL

    I'd also look at finding a 17" wheel for the rear, there's not much in the way of 'sports' rubber for 18".
  11. it'll be a road bike, my zx-6r is my track bike. yeah was wondering if finding tyres would be a problem.
  12. with steering dampers, are they ALL essentially universal? just different mount points ect, or are they set up completely different?