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Buying a semi-broken sportsbike to Streetfighter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evader, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Something I'm considering is acquiring a cheap but mechanically OK sportsbike to turn in to a streetfighter. Maybe something that's a repairable write off or similar.

    Where's the best place to look for such bikes? Is there good websites or particular auctions I can go to? I'm based in Melbourne.

  2. A repairable writeoff has to be returned to full factory spec before you fighter it.
  3. Why's that?

    Well slightly damaged/all the plastic broken and some bent handlebars...maybe even a dented tank! That's the sort of bike I'm looking for.
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  5. Certainly not in NSW and I've never heard of this from other states.
  6. Nope. Not here in WA anyway. Just has to comply with the various roadworthiness requirements.
  7. I've asked around about getting repairable writeoffs back on the road too.
    Apparently they don't have to be 100% sparkly - the main thing is to get them roadworthy, and have receipts/photos for any work/parts needed to fix it up (so you're not using stolen parts)

    +1 to Mannheim Fowles - some great specimens come up there
    Also, check out ebay. There's a seller "adrenaline performance" and he just sells lots of busted bikes (but I know some he buys some from M-F)
  8. I'm guessing you would have to get everything you replace/mod to meet ADR to get the blueslip
  9. Yes, but it's really not that hard. A full set of lights and reflectors (not necessarily from the same model of bike, anything with a CE mark will generally be OK), stock brakes (or with braided hoses to a reputable standard, eg BS, SAE, JIS or AS), legal tyres, sensible mudguards and a standard pipe will generally do the job as long as forks, frame and swingarm are OK. Scrapes, dings and bodywork that doesn't line up are not automatic fail points, although some inspectors are picky about fuel tanks and will also look sideways at big dents in frames.

    Believe me, apart from not being allowed to build cartoon choppers, the regs covering bikes are really pretty lax when you dig into them.
  10. IN NSW the reality is you only need to pass a blue slip. A bike blue slip is only about as hard to pass as a car pink slip.

    As Pat says, so long as all the lights and indicators are there, the brakes work and there is tread on the tyres, it will get through.

    I"ve even got through with an obviously illegal muffler.
  11. paging loz :p
  12. Do it! but do your homework first.

    You don't want to buy something that's going to mechanically stuff up and throw you down the road.

    I think my next bike will be a cosmetic damage thing, I fix up.

    This site is prtty good
  13. I was quoting what I had been told. So I apologise for misinformation.
  14. be careful of buying a bike that has been on it's side whilst running. if left running long enough, the oil pump will starve, pressure drop, and all the bearings in the bottom end (big ends & mains), cam journals, etc could go without oil. there is no way to know if you've suffered bearing, crank, rod, cam damage, without pulling the motor completely apart.

    buying a bike with a tip switch fitted as standard is usually a good way to reduce the chances of a motor on it's side running with no oil pressure.

    remember, anyone can change a few bits, and make a bike look "fixed". internal damage is what costs REAL money.