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Buying a second hand CBR600RR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Francisco Perez-Smith, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I have decided to finally upgrade from my Ducati Monster 400 to a racier bike, and have decided on the 2007+ Honda CBR600RR.

    However, I have heard that it is nearly impossible to find a 600RR that hasn't been "thrashed to death". I don't exactly know what people mean by this.
    - Engine damage?
    - Suspension damage?
    - Bearing damage?
    - Anything else?

    Wise forum people, what should I look for when buying a second hand CBR600RR?


    ps. I have decided on the RR for the seating configuration; I am not particularly interested in a more upright variation.
  2. Unless a bike has been used as a track-bike, it's hard to imagine what 'thrashed to death' might mean. All the people I know with RR Hondas of most varieties (except, prehaps the 250) look after them better than they do themselves. The engine/gearbox package is virtually unburstable, in my observation.
  3. Thanks for that Paul, that's really encouraging to hear.

    If the bike were raced, hypothetically, would any of the damage change the bike's handling and manoeuvrability? I mean, besides obvious tyre wear?
  4. you dont really want a bike that has been bouncing of rev limiter everyday of its life you wont get much out of it... i would suggest look a few and go for the one with Service records... what i have done in the past is i asked to see the service books. see if its the same mechanic that has done to the work to the bike.. call that mechanic see what he can tell you about the bike... 1 phone call could change everything... cheaper to make a phone call then to rebuild a motor
  5. Ah, that's good advice. I'll check the service records.

    But so that's correct? The thing that tends to get damaged in these racing bikes is the engine?
  6. i dont race await for some racers advice ... but service records would be a major plus
  7. I think the CBR600RR got rebuilt in at the end of 07 as did the Fireblade. I'd look at a 2008 onwards model. Had a ride of one of these last year, they are an amazing bike, lots of fun!
  8. Pat is the Honda expert... he loves them lol
    Things to check for.
    . Steering head bearing.
    . Fork leg seals
    . Front and rear brake pads and rotors.
    . rear suspension linkage.
    . Worn cam>
    . Useless cam chain tension-er. Sorry worn cam chain tensioner lol.
    . A qucik check of the fluids, coolant, oil and brake fluids.
    . Service history....If someone trades a bike with no service history I give them next to nothing.
  9. Ah! And is checking those things fairly straight forward Bretto? Do I look for fluids or something in particular?

    Sorry for so many questions, I just want to be thorough...
  10. . Steering head.
    Have the bike on its side stand. Pull it back towards you till the front wheel is off the ground. Then bang the bars from side to side. You want it to hit the stops.
    It should make a dull sound on the stops. If it rings or resonates the steeringhead bearings are dry and loose. Stuffed.

    . Fork leg seals.
    Bounce the front and make sure no fork oil is left on the legs. Fork legs !

    Brakes will need to be checked with a micro meter. Demand it in the presale.

    .Rear suspension linkage.
    This oneis a bit tricky. You really need to get the back wheel off the ground and see if there is any slack movement. Or you can just give it a couple of good kicks, and make sure it sounds dull and nothing moves.

    . Worn cam.
    Make sure the bike is cold when you start it. If the cam is pitted it will make a tinging sound. a high pitched clicking sounds from the top end.

    .Cam chain tension-er.
    You will here the sound of the chain dragging up the side of the head. Honda's are usually a fairly quite motor.

    Make sure they are all topped up. They look clean. No sediment in them and all the fluids are the some colour. As in the coolant is all the same colour. If the bike has been sitting a while and they use a different coolant the two will seperate. Different coolants is a big no no.

    Chain and sprockets.
    Make sure the chain has very little sideways movement and the teeth on the cogs are all strait and tall.

    Hope that helps ya.
    Mm might have to do a write up on buying bikes and you legal rights. Pity it differs state to state
  11. Bretto... you are the MAN!!

    I cannot thank you enough, this is exactly what I needed to know.

    Thank you very very very much :]

    Have the best day ever.