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Buying a scooter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by heather bradford, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. hi
    i'm new to riding, or driving in any way.
    I'm just about to go in the market to buy my scooter and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to look out for,
    what is desirable, undesirable?
    I was liking the look of the 2014 Torino Galetta
    but i aw someone here regretting thier purchase and so i thoguht i'd ask.

  2. To best help you out, it's probably a good idea to post up a recent photo of yourself so we can narrow down what's available and match you up with a scooter.
  3. hello Heather , ignor the previous post just tell us , Are you HOT?
  4. Hello and why on earth do you want a scooter ?
  5. I'm willing to provide information about myself because i get how the weight and size of a bike etc and the rider need to be compatible, but not photos. I find photo requests somewhat unsettling
    i'm 5"6, and somewhere around the 90kg mark in weight, i know that's vague but i do not regularly weigh myself nor have scales in my house. i"m also a 33 year old mother of two, doing i should have done when i was 18.
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  6. Hi Heather, so you don't drive at all?

    That scooter looks cheap and cheerful enough, but if you had anything more than suburban tootling planned, it's not going to cut it. Say more about your riding/driving/mobility needs - you might get some decent feedback.

    Oh and be ready for the standard NR question...

    Edit: Damn, pipped by the NR goon squad! lol
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    And a scooter because i do not want manual transmission, also, i like them.

    No i have never driven before. i CAN drive but i've never had a motoring license and i HATE gears.

    LOL thank you. mostly it's to get me to and from karate. or to the shops, or to town to meet my freinds for coffee.
    i would like it to be able to get me from hobart to launceston if i so desire but that wouldn't be terribly often to be honest. My biggest concern is hills. My mother in law lives on a fairly reasonable hill and i want to be able to get up to her if wanted.
    i LOVE the retro aesthetic. And i only have a $3.5k budget for this, any more than that and i lose it off my gear budget which i'm not willing to do.

    thank you for the warning too. At my age i'm big enough to field the nonsense.
  8. The Torino Galetta, despite its Italian sounding name is one of the many Chinese made scooters on the market.
    Nothing wrong with that per se as many major manufacturers get stuff made in China.
    However, many repair shops now refuse to have anything to do with Chinese brand scooters due to difficulties getting parts and poor quality components.
    Having said that, there's a bloke at work with a Chinese Arqin trail bike that's got him to work for the last 7 years. Granted, he likes tinkering with stuff and if anything breaks, the bike is scrap. Was it a bad buy? The total cost of the bike is less than the annual depreciation on most bikes so in this case no.
    It's a better idea to buy your scooter from one of the Japanese companies (Honda or Yamaha) add to that Aprilia, Piaggio and Vespa.
    Ironically many of these will be Chinese made but with appropriate quality control and parts and service backup.

  9. thank you. my budget is limiting, and well i'm marginally superficial i like old style European look that yamaha and honda don't seem to have.
    But these are excellent points, thank you very much
  10. I have never owned a scooter but I know a number of riders who do and they love them. I see no problem with one if that is what you like. A 125 would do the occasional trip from Hobart to Launceston easily. Obviously a bigger capacity would do it better and a little more comfortable. I tend to agree with AlGroover with respect to brands though.
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    i might have to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. makes me sad but in the end the transport is whats important.
    the prices are higher on the known brands but again practicality. thank you guys/

    would i be best going for a older (14 year old) vehicle with higher cc. Honda or a new lower cc? between 100-125.
  12. My wife & I (also in Hobart) have succumbed to the temptation of getting on two wheels in our old age. She's settled on a Honda PCX 125 which seems to get up the hills quite well. It will get my 75kg up the Southern Outlet to Mt Nelson at the 80 kph limit (just), although I think the speedo is a little optimistic. The Kalang Avenue hill (necessary to get to our place) is a breeze. This (secondhand) was $2500 with 10,000 k on the clock. It sounds like it might be the sort of thing that would suit you.
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    thank you!
    this is awesome to hear.

    Is it just the ones made in china that seem to be the issue? I've seen Taiwan and Korea in my search too. my budget seems to be limiting me somewhat is all
  14. I don't know, and I read mixed reviews. What we paid for the (made in Thailand) Honda with 10,000 k was similar to what you would pay for a new Kymco at Braap, but we were happier going that way.
  15. it's just proving more difficult to find something in the c range i ant for the money i have if i stick with those main names you know?
    The hills are something i need to consider, it's good to hear that the 125 will do it though thank you.
  16. Heather, if you really fancy a "proper" Vespa scooter, hunt around and find one.

    You're only young once.

    At twice your age, I feel entitled to say that.

  17. thank you. The need for me to be mobile is becoming more and more necessary though. I think it's even hindering me getting employment now so i have a sense of urgency on this matter.
    I can always get one that's not what i rally want for now and when i have a job etc. get the kind i really want.
    Thing is, because of my budget, in order to get the grunt i need in the scooter i might have to get the cheaper brand and jsut make sure i know where to get it serviced when needed
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  19. Lots of quality advice there Heather, you should be able to get a quality low-mileage scooter, because lots of people buy them and sell them pretty quickly because they realise they want a bike instead. (Not to say you'll do that, of course).
  20. Yes she will Hornet, you know she will.:)
    Bigger cc, older if need be is my view. You need something that will carry you up a hill without dying half way up because you put a dozen scones on board for mum.