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buying a scooter on monday - need reccomendations?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by knifepoint, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Honda Lead 100cc $2500 plus on road costs...

  2. Bug Escape 90cc $2490 plus on road costs...

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  3. other scooter not listed (please add price/model in thread)

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  1. I'm currently looking towards either:

    Honda Lead 100cc, $2500 plus O.R.C or
    Bug Escape 90cc $2490 plus O.R.C.

    or anything else for around $3000 that is between 100-150cc,

    can anyone tell me any others in the same speed-range/price-range that are good ? I'm in Sydney CBD area, looking to book in for my RTA test on monday (doing the learners saturday and sunday) and buying the bike monday afternoon. Can I just walk into a store purchase one and ride away?

    are either of these scooters made of flimsy chinese plastics? I want something reliable, not like the VMoto as I've heard nothing but horror stories about it.

  2. Bolwell have great reputation as well. I had a Euro 150 for a while and it was as tough as nails.

    Recommend you look at 125cc plus though. Any less than that and you have nothing left to get you out of trouble
  3. I'd definately be interested in a 125, but in my price range I haven't come across any?

    would a Bug Agility be good?
  4. buy a real bike and get a harley. scooter is a girls bike best of luck you big girl
  5. since when were harleys real bikes?? i thought they were a realy noisy vibrator with wheels.

  6. Bwahahahahaha.. :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry Craig.. :wink:
  7. ... and for those of us that don't feel the need to compensate for the lack of what we were born with ...

    You may want to look at slightly larger capacity if you're doing anything more than inner city commute. I'm not sure what speeds what scoots can do, but best to plan ahead than get caught out :)
  8. IMHO you will be seriously wanting to be looking at 150cc and over. Save a few more bucks and get something you will keep. Too many people buy and underpowered scooter and regret it. I have recently been through the scooter exercise while looking for the Mrs. I would say the Bolwell range is probably the best value for money on the market. She ended up with the Bolwell HD200. They have a couple of 150cc models in there range. Just remember once your in the traffic you have to able to flow with it, not against it..
  9. Hi mate,

    I havent owned a Bug myself, but i've heard too many bad things about them to try them out.

    Bolwell on the other hand seem to have a very good reputation.

    I've only owned euro scoots, but they will be out of your price range i'm afraid. For 3g's your going to struggle to find a 125/150, but there is the Vmoto Monaco 125 thats $2,990 + ORC. I personally dont know much about them, but there are lots of them round Perth.
  10. Buy A Vespa!

    It's the only real scooter in my opinion, so trendy and so italian!
  11. Wait a few weeks, save $3500, and buy a Sachs MadAss 125.....more fun than the average human can stand!......oooooyyeah.
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  13. Happy honda 100 owner

    have purchased the honda 100 lead in silver for the wife and she is wrapped with it . I ride a Suzuki DRZ normally but for jumping on a bike going up the road to the shops or get the paper on a sunday morning its the scooter all the way.I have had it up to 85klm with some in reserve (ran out of road) will sit on 60-70klm with throttle 2/3 open .Good acceleration.I was worried that the missus would be holding up the traffic but after watching her ride and me taking it for the odd spin i have no problems (50klm-80klm zones).Im 95 kg and 6ft and i find the bike comfortable to ride and the seat has room for a pillion without having to push my knees up against the handle bars(alot of the scooters this was a problem).paid $2800.00inc on road for it .Total budget was 3k -max.have been told that action motorcycles are advertising at 2500k ride away.Good luck hope this info helps and this is just my opinion.
  14. If your gonna buy a scooter make sure you get a dark visor for your lid.

    Don't want your mates knowing you ride a scooter!
  15. knifepoiunt come to my work we have a few scooters there might also give you good price.

    Aprilia : Sport City 125
    Scarabeo 250
    Aprilia : Mojito 125
    Sport City 125
    Mojito 50
    SR50 Ditech / SR50 Ditech Factory
    Hyosung : EZ 100
    Hyosung : SB 50 SuperCab
    Hyosung : SD 50 Sense
    Hyosung : SF 50 Prima and SF50 Rally
  16. where abouts do you work ksystemz? I might pop in on Monday if it's not too far from where I am!
  17. okay so I went in today and got quoted for a Honda Lead 100 and some riding gear;

    Honda Lead 100 - $2990 includes insurance, rego, ctp, everything!
    Top-Box $120
    Helmet $120
    Gloves $75
    Pants $190
    Jacket $180

    they said they would fit the top-box for free, which is usually about a 50 dollar charge (which seems steep I thought it was just bolting it to the frame?)

    anyone know if this is a good deal or should I look elsewhere?
  18. are you happy to pay that? it seems like everything is sorted out that way. if you went in there, bought it and came out, would you be happy to have spent that much cash and got everything you wanted? if so do it. no problems. That is how I often do things like that anyway... :cool:

    by the way I have no idea about scooters and/or their pricing. :p
  19. I was very happy to do it until he mentioned the Honda Lead 100's have restricters in them (why on earth?) and that it will hit 60km's/hour easily. but then they would have to de-restrict it to make it go faster.

    any idea how fast one of these things go when they aren't restricted?
  20. $2,999 is standard "drive away" price. So its not like your getting any special favours there. But then again the scooter market is so hot these days, you generally dont get much of RRP anyway, so its probably no big issue.

    As for the top box, they are a sinch to install yourself. They just have a bracket that goes through the rear rack and you secure it, usually with nuts and bolts supplied with the top box. They shouldnt charge you for this.

    All in all it seems a normal sort of deal. But it cant hurt to haggle a bit more. And why not see what some other dealers will do for you?