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Buying a "repairable write-off"?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grider, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Hi just wanted some opinions on buying a bike that has been repaired after being written off by the insurers.

    The bike in question has been repaired to a very high standard, but of course is quite cheap in comparison to similarly listed bikes. I haven't seen it in person, but i dont think I would know what to look for anyway, but it is very nice in the photos. It has passed a registration inspection, does this mean that it is in good enough condition?

    Does anyone have any experience in this? Any lessons learnt?

  2. go with a piece of string and wrap it arount the front wheel, then put it to the rear wheel on either side and see if the allignment is ok, if its out most likely the swing arm or frame is bent, also give it a test ride if its easeir to steer one way than the other the stearing is stuffed.

    Dont worry if the paint is scratched, as long as the frame is straight, and rides straight, should be ok
  3. Wouldn't hurt to have a mechanic look over it. If you're saving a few grand with this, a hundred bucks shouldn't hurt too much.
  4. Haggle like hell, the guy has paid sweet FA for it and has plenty of wriggle room.
  5. Wat bike and how much?

    written off bikes need to pass a VIV to be registerable again.
    Not sure wat VIV involves, but it sounds fanciful
  6. Theres alot of paperwork and red tape that all costs money.

    Forget it, there are too many bikes out there to bother with a pre heavily stacked one.
    Let some other mug deal with it.
  7. I'd suggest you'd be OK to buy one iff (if and only if) three conditions are ALL met:

    1. The price is right: resale will be lower
    2. It's already registered and RWCed: you DO NOT want the hassle, expense and chance of ending up with an expensive boat anchor
    3. It passes a serious mechanic's check with a focus on straightness
  8. Sounds like a plan.

    1. Listing price is $5500 for a VFR800 '02
    2. Already registered in NSW with blue slip.
    3. No mechanics check yet.

    There is one dodgie aspect about the listing in that they say the bike has done 60,000ks, but because the dashboard was replaced with a used dash, it says it has done 112,000ks.
  9. You'd be suprised, written off bikes are still generally expensive for what they are, when you add up the costs to get it properly fixed, he has likely paid alot - especially if you say the fairings are in perfect condition as thats what costs the most.
  10. Insurance companies will happily write off a bike for something as simple as broken fairings, the rest of the bike might be fine. Or it could be more serious. Inspect it and be happy with what you find before you proceed and if it comes with RWC and currently registered as Bravus mentioned, even better.
  11. Point taken, but if he's still selling it with cracks and paint damage, he hasn't really gone to the effort. I've seen some guys put them back to immaculate condition, and spend as much as they would have if they'd bought a decent one that wasn't dropped.

    But if the one above is what it says, I can't imagine the bloke spending all that much dosh on it.
  12. If its got a curent blue slip at least you dont have to pay for the expensive mechanical check, but then again you dont know how he got the blue slip was it off his mate, then could still be dodgy, because its less than 10 years old it would have to go for a Vehicle Identity Check at an RTA Checking station, I know there is one in silverwater (they charge around $600 to do that, so make sure yours has had that done otherwise it cant be registred.

    Also you should check the RTA WOV form (this is what the RTA sends the Blue slip mechanic as to what has happened to the bike) it should state repairable and it would also have what was wrong with the bike eg if it said light or medium damage to fairing left hand side, should be sweet, if however it said Severe Damage to front and rear, not good at all

    its your choice
  13. He said bike has rego, thererfore it does not need a VIV which is piss simple to pass anyway unless its got a stolen frame/engine. and cost 400 not 600.

    If its registered and straight its good.
  14. About the only time it makes sense to go to all the trouble is if you want to do a project bike. Like a fighter that you will through all the plastic away anyway 'cause all you're interested in is the top shelf suspension, brakes and non neutered engine that most nakeds possess.
  15. I bought a GS500 that had been a write off and been repaired. It had had a roadworthy check and been registered (in QLD).
    It was about $1500 cheaper than a good used example of the same age, but still had a dent in the tank, scratched muffler and no tacho. I got a tacho and bracket on eBay for $200 and thought I was doing OK as I'd bought it for cheap(ish) reliable transport, not looks. If I fix all the minor dents and scratches with new parts it'll cost more than an undamaged 2nd hand one.

    The big issue was that after riding it home I realised the right fork leg was bent DESPITE THE REGO CHECK!

    So, don't trust a rego check, look over it very carefully yourself or get someone who knows what they're doing to help you.
    I was lucky, the guy who sold it to me was a decent bloke and paid for a new fork leg which I fitted.
    Caveat emptor.
  16. On the positive side, I bought a mildly crashed BMW R1100RT, sight unseen, from the other side of the country and ended up about $3-5k ahead (depends on what book value you choose to believe), even after shipping, repair and rego costs.

    I'd still be riding it too, if the stupid sod that hit me had been paying attention. That bike was a keeper. :evil: