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Buying a repairable write off from a store

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Not4Resale, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Hey i'm in the market for a new bike and I was looking in Caringbah motorcycles because I have had them as my mechanic for a couple of years and I reckon steve is a top bloke :grin:.

    So onto my story, I was drilling them for info and steve said that they had a z750 repairable write off that they were fixing up in the garage. The bikes up for under 8 grand, I've seen private sales for like 10,500 so it's definitely a bit of a saving but I've been getting stern warnings against repairable write offs from everyone I speak to and I had a geez through the forums here and didn't find anything that was relevant to my situation. Normally I wouldn't even consider it but I don't think steve would sell me a lemon although what does worry me is if I go to sell it, I might have a few problems even if it is in a good state. I'll sound off what I remember him saying needed fixing.

    Bike had gear lever replaced, I think the footpeg too, scrapes on the engine, new indicator and a couple of scrapes on the plastic. He didn't say anything about bent forks or anything so don't think any serious problems.

    Would I have problems with insurance considering I went through a dealership?

    Am I really stuffed if i ever go to sell it due to it being a repairable write off'? Like I know i don't have to tell people that it is but I think it's quite immoral not to and revs is a wonderful tool for potential buyers.

    Dunno, can I get some advice? I'm not sure whether it's a good buy or not, it's definitely cheaper than it could be and I do like the bike.
  2. They're always gonna be cheaper, so you save now, but don't be disappointed when you try to sell it and it takes a while or nobody wants to pay the price. REVS will list it as RWO, so nothing to hide
  3. personally i think the write off vehicle register sucks arse...At the end of the day just because a rotten insurance company and the greddy bike shop deem the bike to be uneconomically viable to repair why does that make something with superficial damage worth any less for the rest of its life????
  4. I brought my Spada from CArringah Motorcycles tw oyears ago. I personally would not buy a "write-off". You should ask for more of a discount. I guess that shop needs to set an asking price suitable for themselves, otehrwise it would not be worthwhile for them to fix it up.

    Steve is a top bloke. His mechanics are very good as well.
  5. lol great. Thanks for the info. Don't think it helps my predicament too much but I suppose at the end of the day it really is my decision, I've factored in the variables, I'm kind of leaning against it at this point but I'm going to test ride it in a few days and see how I feel afterwards...It is a nice bike but selling it would definitely be quite difficult...I think I will try to knock it down a bit more, I really don't feel like being stuck in the situation where no one wants a perfectly good bike. Bloody hell, decisions, decisions.

    But yeh thanks for the help and support appreciated.
  6. Only place to buy a repairable write off from is auction or the owner.
    Otherwise, you're just paying a bike shop double what they paid for it..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. good point! I did have that in mind to a degree but I was thinking like they did go to the trouble to fix it so they would put that into the cost and then put on what they want to make. I suppose its fair enough on the stores behalf but really I don't want to be stuck with the stigma.
  8. Bear in mind that a repairable write off will be harder to move on when you want to sell... unless you pick one up stupidly cheap, use it as a track bike or are intent keeping it forever i would think long and hard before laying down the cash :)