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buying a red devil.south aus

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by furbypimp, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. hi im buying a red devil.
    i have rung up about insurance and my quote is for $270 a year..
    my rego is cheap enough only $130 a year and a extra $190 for a custom plate:D ....heheh i got this under wraps untill i get the scooter:D
    im trying to sell my car in the process..
    [mod edit: remove car advertisement from this post, for future reference how about putting it in the classifieds section?]
    help me get a scooter someone buy my car :D pls lol.

  2. hey

    i am in adelaide too

    you know thats $190- a year for the plate!!!

    also my gf just bought a lanos sports of an old couple. great car and was cheap.
  3. cool bout the sym jet...but i got a red devil on friday...a black red devil..i sold my car and i went to team show and go in south aus and picked up my scoot...loving it all the way you cant get me off of it.
    hmms i going to see about a sport variator i would like the extra speed.
    also im interested in a workshop manual..i will email you when i have the money and i will get you to put one up on ebay or somehting.