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Buying a new phone online

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever bought a mobile phone online?

    The phone I want (very simple, easy to use, but still has google maps and picture messaging, but not a touchscreen smart phone etc) is only available online, it's not in any stores in Aus cause I guess they just didn't want it over here...

    Anyways, any good feedback?

    I don't know what to look out for.

    And no, won't be purchased from an Asian country - phone I'm after will be buying it from America, or an Aus company that gets its stock from USA.
  2. I once bought a iPhone4 type phone from Hong Kong

    It was absolutely terrible - I demanded a refund as it was very very poor performing - the touch screen capability

    I sent it back and received a refund
  3. I just got me a HTC Windows 7 phone last week, and thought about buying it online.
    But in the end I wussed out and walked in to the Telstra shop at Westfields - nothing like making sure it IS a HTC one, and then feeling the weight, pressing the buttons, and making sure it fit in my pocket...
  4. I bought a new Nokia off ebay from a seller in Sydney who was sourcing their phones from overseas. It was a model available here, but buying off eBay was around half the price of any of the local stores.

    Haven't had any problems with it whatsoever.
  5. thanks JD :)

    i MUCH prefer buying in store etc, i don't want to buy it online, but unfortunately the model i want isn't in australia.
  6. dad purchased a nokia 5800 from HK, i think via ebay...i wasn't impressed at the time cus, well he didn't consult me and i had visions of him getting ripped off. cple of yrs later, or so, it seems to be doing OK. as always, buyer beware.
  7. I bought a Nexus one from america online through an american company. They wouldn't send the phone directly to Aus, as it is "not available in your region". It was the google variant of the HTC desire, not released in Aus. I got it 3 weeks before desire was released in Aus, unlocked carrier and $300 less (that includes postage)
    Never had any problems, but i looked into it properly first. The biggest risk was if it arrived DOA i would have to figure out a way to return it to the manufacturer, so the phone would have ended up costing $100 more than if purchased locally. I took the risk and it paid off. I am happy
  8. I've brought two phones online a one being HTC Legend (brought from Mobicity.com.au) and also brought a T-Mobile (American carrier) HTC HD2 from a bloke on Whirlpool Forums (through Ebay so I got PayPal buyer protection), both phones work great and haven't had a problem with either of them.

    What phone you looking for? Just have to make sure it can run on Australian carrier networks that's the main problem.
  9. Hey Holly
    Before you buy online get the serial number of the phone off them. Then ring the Aus distributor and see if it's covered for warranty.
    Most laptops and phones that start their serial number in an S or SR are refurbished models. Not good. None or a very limited warranty.
    I buy all mine online off http://www.uniquemobiles.com.au/
    Always good service, price and have been covered under warranty.
    The HTC wildfire is about 279 and a good cheap smart phone.
  10. I've purchased probably 6 or 7 phones from OS via ebay and/or international online shop front. Seeing as the phones we buy aren't actually made in Australia to Australian specific regulations/designs, there is not too much to worry about actually buying phones from overseas online, but: As it's been said, be wary of potential warranty issues, the refurbished stuff (not always bad to use though that said) and just make sure the actual model works with the carrier(s) you plan to use, such as CDMA, 3G or whatever type of network the Telco you plan to use it through in Aus.

    You can definitely score some bargains but in the same 'chance', you can score an unuseable phone if you don't do the homework pre purchase to make sure it works with the telco.
  11. But on the other hand they have been fully tested, so the likelihood of them having any sort of manufacturing defect should be considerably lower.

    I've bought refurbished electronics before without problems. In fact I've had more luck with refurbished electronics than I have had with new.
  12. +1

    There are many different GSM/3G bands that get used around the world, and even just around Australia (800/850/900/1800/2100) - just make sure the phone you want offers the band that your local network runs on!

  13. Got my HTC Desire HD from an eBay store brand new with a year warranty.

    No problems at all with it after 3 months of use

    If you've done your research on the model/features/common bugs etc and are certain you know what you want... then do the same kinda research on the suppliers that sell them until you settle on one that seems the most legit and trustworthy.

    There's plenty of legit websites that have good deals, just a few bad eggs that throw chinese crap in to screw people over and ruin it.
  14. wow thanks everyone! that's exactly the info i was after :D i was just feeling so overwhelmed and unsure, but now feeling much better about it.

    always going to be a possibility i'll get ripped off, but am going to do lots of research on the company also :)

    i'm not overly concerned about warranty, it's basically a bonus.
  15. a quick question ...

    if it's unlocked, and the phone is from overseas (USA/China etc), will it work here??
  16. It depends which frequencies it supports, and which network you want to use it with.

    I get the impression most modern phones support most networks, but you can have a look at this WP page for the ones used in Aus if you want to be certain.
  17. Thanks heaps :) I'm almost definitely buying a phone tomorrow online, so trying to learn as much as possible prior.
  18. hahahahaha hilarious!

    great story on that one :p the good thing with ebay though is that they do try to resolve issues.