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Buying a new(ish) bike - I need help!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by screwball, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    As of saturday I will no longer be riding the CB-ARGH 250, and am actually looking to upgrade to a K7 GSX-R750 which has a sticker price of $13,990.

    It's used, has 7,000km on it, but is stock as a rock.

    Now, what I want to know is, what can I say/do/point out that will help me get the price down?

    Does anyone know the margins on these kinds of sales?

    How far will he be able to drop?

    End of financial year? Can I use that?

    Any help appreciated.

    Link to bike: http://www.springwoodsuzuki.com.au/used_bikes_search.htm (it's on page 3, fourth from bottom)
  2. Start off by looking at other bikes. That price sounds pretty high to me.
  3. I've looked on bikesales etc and the price seems average for the year and k's... according to that site you'll still be looking to pay 12000 for a k6 with 5-10 thousand on it.

    That's what I'm asking here for... what can I say or do that will drop the price to something more like 12000
  4. For starters, i think a shiny new k7 gsxr750 sitcker price is around that same figure. When I bought my 600 I could have walked out with the 750 for *i think* about $1000 to $1500 more. sticker price was $12999 (600), the 750 was about $14500 i think. For 7000km of unknown riding style and servicing, then I would definately go new.
  5. awesome bike btw. wish i couldve justified the extra dosh.

    PS those prices were SA prices. Would be worth looking interstate if you are willing to take a trip.
  6. The price does seem abit high(from me looking at bikes/prices over the last month). If I were you I would look around abit more, you might find a better offer.
  7. I think you will struggle to get it down to $12,000. However, it the current sticker does look high. Look at new prices, look for any scuffs - point out the deformed rear hugger (most new gsxr's ive seen have em), ask for service history (dont have it, that's less money right there).

    At the end of the day, flash the cash and be prepared to walk away (you can always come back after the weekend). The best time to make offers on anything is early in the week.
  8. Hrm, definitely seems to be the general consensus.

    The sticker price on the Suzuki website is 16,990 for a new 750.

    This is 3k cheaper... that's why I looked twice.
  9. Don't believe the hype!

    $14990 at peter stevens ride away Brand new K7 750.

    Advise, go the 1000, 750's will be out the window post next season's releases. MotoGP with the 800's and ducati moving to a 1200cc have seen to this.

    But go forth and buy new!
  10. From what I understand, depending on dealer, margins around 10-15%.

    If they can see you're serious - ask them what the best price is. If it's around 10% below, work on getting something chucked in with the deal, does it need a service, accessories or riding gear.

    Or I normally offer 15% less and then work from there.

    End of the month is good, end of financial year may be a bit better.
  11. You should be getting at least 2k off a brand new GSXR Suzuki right now. If you're not, then you've got "Wood Duck" written all over your face.
  12. I've found a private sale K6 GSXR1000 with 3000k's for 13k :)
  13. dealer prices are always higher.

    look at some good private sale bikes.

    will end up paying alot less. just make sure you check it all out properly though.
  14. I know it's hard, but don't shop too much with your wallet. Set yourself a range, then find -the- bike you want. At that point, you have a few avenues, either pretend you're poor, have a better deal elsewhere, like the bike but didn't want this colour, etc, anything to make them get a sniff a sale but know they have to hunt it (don't try any of this if you can't act better than our friends on Neighbours). The day will vary from area to area, but if it's a dealer bike you decide on, go late on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, whenever they're at the end of their sales week, and desperate to make a sale. Bring a wad of cash. Also, I've noticed there're some real bargains around down here now that the weather's been crap for a while...might not be as seasonal in QLD.