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Buying a new helmet... Should I wait?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mr Flibble, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Qld has relaxed helmet laws to allow Euro certification, and I seem to recall a post on here of a national conference to try and sort out the current AS1698 clusterfuck, but I can't find any mention of anything online.

    Is there a conference happening, or did I dream it?

    I don't want to buy a helmet only to find out that the bastards have changed the rules, or that I could have got it for half the price if I'd waited six months

  2. I'm also due for a new helmet, and was considering it. If it was indeed a case of saving a lot, I would wait. However, I'm not sure you can save much. Checking the prices on www.helmetdirect.com (US), www.burnoutitaly.com (EU), www.louis.eu (EU), www.thehelmetwarehouse.com.au (AUS) and even Peter Stevens stores - the prices for the same products are not much different. Am I looking at the wrong sites, where can you get a helmet for around half the price? Or is it only the case of larger choice of cheaper helmets outside Australia?
  3. That was a tongue-in-cheek half price, I haven't even looked.
  4. I bought a helmet yesterday at MCA in western Sydney after looking at several other retail outlets. The prices were the samish every where except for no name brands which really are half price and less. The helmet I have been wearing for the last few years is a no name and it has never done me wrong, but then I haven't crash tested it.
    I went through all the name brands for less than $500 and also some of the Arai s and Shoei s as well. I couldn't actually pick any useful difference. They all seemed to weigh much the same and they all had the same tiny ventilation slots that are presumably good enough in a cold climate.
    When I read vahramh's post above I shuddered because I had ridden past the Helmet Warehouse on my way without knowing it was there. So I checked the site and the prices were exactly the same. I think the distributors have complete control via recommended retail pricing. There are discounts but only on old stock and very small sizes. The discounts were the same everywhere too, so it's the distributor discounting not the retailer. In other words if you want a particular model it will be the same price everywhere.
    The big lesson was that the sizing was different between brands and I had to go up a size to get a fit, so if I had bought my new European hat from the European website it would have been useless to me.The euro hasn't gained much as the Australian dollar has fallen, so prices for their stuff haven't changed much, whereas anything American is going to shoot up by at least 20% in the near future, so you might as well grab something that was imported a few months ago while you can, it will seem like a bargain later when prices rise.
    I ended up ignoring the discounted models and spent the whole budget on a different model to what I had planned because it had some extra features that I liked. It is a Nolan N104. It is a full face that has a flip up front so if you are stuck in the traffic on a hot day you can open it up and breathe. It seems to make a big difference instead of just raising the visor because the air can flow over your throat as well as your face, and as well it has a tinted screen built in. There was a $50 discount for an earlier model that had the tinted screen on the outside but you could only use it with the clear visor down, so I paid the extra money.
  5. Are there any details on this forum anywhere?

    I have just about worn Google out. I get zilch, nada, fuck nothing.
  6. The only advantage I can see in allowing EU certification will be access to helmets not available here in Aus.

    Price wise there might be a small drop, but you will still be paying more than overseas, and importing one will seem barely worth while once you take into account postage.

    I found the same with tyres, unless you buy a few of them it's barely worth while but who wants to sit on a grands worth of tyres for a year, and then what if the new bike is a different size. So now I just support the little guy and buy my tires locally.

    And yes the post above about distributors is correct, MCAS is almost entirely stocked by one distributor and anything at isn't from that distributor gets very little shelf space.
  7. jazzfanjazzfan hang out for a super sexy Skully AR-1...that's my next helmet! Won't matter what's a hiding inside because it is so fcukin hot to look at on the outside!!!! It purrs...
    Does everything but make you an espresso...
  8. Standards Australia is the Sponsoring organisation jazzfanjazzfan the particular commmitee is CS-076 my understanding is they are having public submissions early this year.

    The free forum will be held on February 19 from 9.30am to 2pm at Standards Australia, Level 10, 20 Bridge Street, Sydney.

    Bookings are essential by the January 30 deadline via email.
  9. Cheers Chris.

    Not what I was hoping for though. :(

    http://www.standards.org.au/StandardsDevelopment/Sectors/Documents/Approved Project Proposals – Project Prioritisation Fourth Round.pdf

    (search the pdf for 1698)

    I hope I'm wrong, but that sounds to me like simply revising the AS/NZS.

    That has the potential to make the current clusterfuck even worse. The problem is incoherent adoption of the standard by the various states, and I can't see how this is going to fix anything.

    I guess that answers my question though, nothing's gonna get fixed in a hurry, so I shouldn't delay my purchase...
  10. Yes nothing will happen in a hurry. Part of the brief is harmonization with International standards though so some good may come of it. But then State by State regulation would need to be looked at.