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Buying a new helmet - "seatbelt" buckles vs ring b

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bcg, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    What are the pros and cons of the "seatbelt" type buckles compared to the "older" double ring type buckles?

    I would think that the seatbelt ones are quicker and less hassle to get on and off.

    Looking at a AGV tri composite helmet (on special - last years model $300) and it had double ring buckles c.f. a lot of other helmets in the same price range with the seatbelt type buckles. Wondering if I should consider the ring buckles a turn on or a turn off...

  2. It's personal choice, but I much prefer the ring type.

    I find the clips just too uncomfortable, and have heard reports of them letting go under strain. (dunno if true)

    Both are supposedly AS approved, so the choice is yours

  3. Ring type every time.
    I have both, the clip buckle has come open several times as I have turned my head, it felt like it snagged on my open collar.
    Not a reassuring feeling at all.
    The clip buckle is difficult to adjust to the right tension which is inconvenient when you want to put it on a pillion.
    The double D ring is adjusted just right everytime you put it on.
  4. Ring Buckles for me. I've got both and never wear the clip buckle lid cause it's such a pain to use.
  5. i personally prefer the clip. i havn't had it undo on me yet, but i have forgotten to clip it up once :oops: i spose they might get a little worn eventually, but think of it this way, do you trust your seatbelt in the car? and i've never had a problem adjusting it, in fact my new shark hasn't even needed adjusting since the first time i wore it.

    its all personal preferance like usual, but i dont see a safety issue as long as the clip is decent.....
  6. Yeah I gotta shark with a clip and wanna buy a newby with a d-buckle. I think its just the feeling of security having always used rings. Have had the clip for about 6 months tho and done about 8 -9 ride days with it and never had it come undone!
  7. Thanks for all the comments. Its just been so long since I've looked at helmets (and anything bike related).

    It just seemed that first shop I went into (Horizon cycles in hobart) seemed to have almost all "seatbelts" - obviously just the ones I was looking at.

    Where today, most of the tri-comp helmets had rings.

    Rings it is :) Off to spend tomorrow morning.

  8. much of a muchness, i have had both over time. I prefer the buckle coz i'm lazy but then i can get the rings undone almost as quick.
    Also it is true the buckles have been known to come undone under strain, but as the tests stated by the time the buckle comes undone theres not really alot left to worry about :)
  9. I have had a Shark helmet for about 18 months and am used to the clip. It took a bit of getting used to after the last helmet which had the buckles.
    Interesting things is that with my old helmet, if I forgot to thread the belt through and had put my gloves on, I had to remove the gloves to do it up. With the clip, you can do it up with your gloves on.
  10. i've had both and i prefer the buckle, i've never had it undo itself or loosen and its a lot quicker to do up
  11. Check out what the top end helmets have, I'm pretty sure that you will find all of them have double D-rings.
  12. I prefer the double rings, I found that the buckles were not as comfortable... although I never had them let go.
  13. yeah, i dont doubt that they're safer in the end. they cant come undone under any circumstances, where there is a chance of it happening with the clip. thing is tho, the chance of the clip undoing itself is pretty slim by my experience so whats the chance that the clip will undo just before you take a fall, without you noticing, and that the helmet will actually come off your skull (a well fitting helmet should hold up pretty well still even without the strap)?? i dunno, i still havn't heard of a case yet :?

    if you are that paranoid that you feel you really need that extra protection, or if you just gotta have the best, then good onya, its your money and your noggin. but i much prefer the convenience of the clip and havn't once doubted my helmets ability to keep what little is left of my brain intact :LOL:
  14. Would be interesting to see what the favoured choice of device would be for securing a high-tech upside down salad bowl to the scones of the Moto GP, WSBK, Supersport and AMA riders :LOL: :LOL:
  15. My shark has D rings and, some of the clips are quite large and don't feel like they are as flat as the D rings. Plsu I can get the helmet done up while travelling along the road with gloves on if I forget before hand.
  16. I use a zues with a buckle, previously an AGV with a buckle. Once yoou adjust the tension correctly there easy to get on and off - even with gloves. Doule D rings fit nice and snug, but if you've got a long beard - watch out! :shock:
  17. If they meet the Australian Standards it won't matter. It means that the fastening has been tested under appropriate load. It's really just personal preference.

  18. "Seat belt" type clips are definitely the down market chin strap connector. Nothing necessarily wrong with them, but as mentioned, adjusting strap tension as the straps age is a slight negative.

    D rings are inherently safe and can't undo accidentally. It's possible for the D-rings to frey the strap over time if you have a rough style.

    I have an Xlite for myself [D-rings] and an RSF shark as a spare/pillion lid [Clip]. The clip is easy for pillions to deal with... but it's a bugger because it wont hook onto the helmet hook when we get off the bike!
  19. I have never owned a helmet with a clip but it appeals to me as being more convenient to clip on and off rather than fiddling with clips.

    I thought that once you have adjusted the buckle to your "feel", you would not need to adjust it again after that?
  20. kinda, the adjustment lasts a fair while, even when being used a few times a day, but it does slacken off eventually. just gotta remember to adjust it when it starts feeling a bit loose,not difficult.....