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buying a new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pot87, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. hey guys, in a few months time i'm buying a new bike, i am thinking about buying a kawasaki ZRX 1200R they are around the 13 grand mark for a brand new one. I was just wondering does anyone have one and will short people like me 5ft 6-7" be-able to ride them?.

  2. good luck finding a new one. ive been told by 2 dealers they are all sold out mate and they aren't bringing in the 09+ models.

    but id love to be proved wrong
  3. Sorry mate, but thats one ugly bike. Save your money and get a nice looking 2nd hand bike. Just my 0.02c
  4. Whats attractive and whats ugly is very subjective. You think its ugly I think its beautiful :)

    Pretty sure they are discontinued because I was keen on getting a new one once I came off my restrictions but then learned that they are no longer being produced.
  5. pot87 probably best to ring your closest Kawasaki dealer and get the low down if you will be able to purchase one or not. I am around 167cm and would probably find that bike too big to be comfortable with. Depending on how long your legs are you could be ok, again sitting on one will let you know straight away it will be a good fit.
  6. I'm 6 ft and sit comfortably on the ZZR1200 and probably could if i was a little shorter, i agree with those that say sitting on 1 will tell you if you can feel comfortable you will either have feet down or not, my wife is 5'4 and cant get her feet on the ground when sat on mine
  7. slickncghia man, i rang up two kawasaki dealerships today and asked if they have the new 2009 ZRX 1200R's in stock and they both told me that they don't make them anymore, but they have the 2007-2008 models for the same price around the $13,000 but i will have to be quick as it's the last model of the ZRX's and if i was serious about buying one i should come straight down and sign the paperwork and they can organise finace and insurance for me. But i really don't want a 1-2 year old bike i want a brand new one like 2009 model
  8. cool. what dealer...i was told several times that they were all gone.

    and do your research. the 08 model is much better IMO than the 09 model.

    the 09 gets fuel injection (potentially good) but looses power and adds weight (bad)

    and they do still make them. google around theres lots of info on the new model. seriously dealers have told me soo much crap in the past few months i wouldnt believe a word they say

  9. i'm not going to tell who i rang up, but i rang one in brisbane and my local one on the sunny coast. They both gave me the same story, it's like they rang each other or emailed each other cause yeah it was werid hey. They both said that they don't make or have the 2009 models and that they have the 07 and 08 models still available.
  10. That's a big bike to go to straight from a 250cc isn't it ? :shock:

    Not making any judgements mind....

  11. lol @ not going to tell....fair enough, they will dissapear real fast

    oh ok. well to be fair to the dealers i spoke to were in vic and SA
  12. I used to think they were uglier than a bagfull of anus', but I dunno. Something recently makes me think they're kinda cool. (The bike, not the ani.)
  13. that looks like a fun butt naked bike