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Buying a new bike; question about deposits and such

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mattizie, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Finally got around to shopping for a bike, a ninja twofiddy.

    Anyway, I've tracked down (what appears to be a very nice one), only problem is it's about 6 hours drive away (each way) in the middle of woop woop.

    I've said that if they can do 3.6k with RWC I'll pay cash. They said they can do RW but they want a $200 deposit. Is this normal? And should I pay the deposit without looking at the bike first?
    I've bought bikes before but it was always: have a look, test it, if it's good pay in cash, and do the paperwork, none of this deposit stuff.

    On a side note it's got very little kms (6k), 3 years old, and seller tells me it just sits in the garage, starts up whenever someone comes to look at it. This seems a bit iffy because either it gets started but no-one buys, or it isn't getting turned over at all, isn't that bad for the bike?

    Cheers and thanks in advance.
  2. I would imagine the reason they want the deposit is that they have to pay for the RW, which is only valid for X number of days, so if you don't show up or don't buy it, they could be up for another RW fee.
  3. I figured that, but I'm hesitant because I don't want to fall for a scam of some sort. Thanks anyway though... I may just go there and check it out... it's a long long drive though
  4. Why are you travelling 6 hrs for a ninja 250? Surely you can find one closer.
    It's not like it's all that rare.
    You are throwing any savings you make away on fuel and your time (and someone else's if you don't Jane a ute).
  5. plenty around. don't get your heart set on the first one you see
  6. Speaking as a salesman myself, we only tell customers that to guarantee that they'll come in. Regardless, if you do put a deposit on it you should be able to get it back if the bike isn't what you originally thought
  7. Being a private sale, how else would you like to pay? Sold a car a few weeks ago, buyer jokingly said 'I'll pay on credit card', I replied with, I'll show you where to swipe it...Yeah, he didn't really know what to say and hand the cash over.
  8. If you pay the deposit and he gets a RWC and you choose not to buy it, dont expect to get your money back, thats what a deposit is for. If the bike is different to whats been advertised you may have a claim to it but in real life it invariably turns into a bun fight.
    I guess what I'm saying is if you pay it be prepared to lose it.
    Think about smileedudes comments.
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    Regarding travelling 6 hours, in some parts of Aus this isn't that far. Next week I am attending a job interview 7 hours drive from home. Wish me luck after spending that much on petrol! LOL

    I have also purchased my last 4 vehicles over 1000klm from home because thats how far I am from my capital city, where there are plenty of bikes to pick from. Its likely my next bike will be purchased there too. Thats part and parcel of living in a fecking huge country away from one of the major centres.

    Where is the OP located? No bio filled out so cant be sure but he seems to think 6 hours is a big drive so perhaps not too far from you guys.

    Obviously if he is in Melbourne then thats a long way to go ( given that there must be at least 20 similar bikes withNi an hour fo his place for sale) but if he lived in Karratha then thats different. Some of you guys living in the major cities or NSW and Vic seem to have no concept of just how big and remote your country is. Tip: It doesn't end at the fringe of the city you live in.
  10. I'm in Bundoora, bike is in Mildura. But it's virtually new and about $500 cheaper than anything else I've seen (with RWC)

    Actually, I've always wondered how you pay for expensive (20k and up) private sales. I can't see people walking around with huge stacks of cash for that.
    And by cash, I meant actual paper/plastic, I assumed people would normally pay by transferring cash from one bank account to another

    Great advice, I always tell myself that whenever I buy anything relatively big, usually I see at least three before I make my decision.

    I'm going to continue shopping around, and if no-one can come close to that price, then I'll give em the deposit.

  11. Bank cheques my friend.
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  12. Meh, I like messing with bank tellers heads. Last time I did this they said 'we don't carry that amount of money, you need to pre book'. Sorry I though you were a bank. It was like ten grand or something.
  13. yeah I've had the same problem with banks, they must lock the dosh away so bank staff cant pinch it.
    The last time I took a pile of cash into the bank they wanted to charge me to count it, needless to say i told them if they didnt want it id take it to another bank.
    Banks live in an untouchable world of their own.
  14. just realised you're talking about a private sale, not a dealer, please disregard my post :whistle:
  15. I assumed OP was in a major city because he referred to where he was going as middle of woop woop. I don't think anyone living rural would call another rural area as woop woop.
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    Well that depends on your perspective I suppose. Are you classing anything outside of a capital as rural?

    You live in Sydney as have I in the past. I know some Sydney siders who are quite ignorant to anything outside of the city limits. I know one woman who would class Wollongong as woop woop.

    Now I live in a thriving regional city with a population of around 180,000. An area which creates a lot of wealth for Aus through the mining industry. Its geographically isolated due to the sheer size of the state it is located in, but I wouldn't call it rural or out the back of woop woop. Its a major regional cente and an economic power house. Perhaps you would though?

    I would call small isolated towns with one pub and a post officein the middle of nowhere woop woop. Towns like Glenden or Nebo. Google them if you like.
    Perhaps you see Adelaide or Newcastle as woop woop?
  17. Its not really what I think, it's what I assumed the OP thought and it turns out the OP was from Melbourne so my assumptions were spot on.
  18. No it is what you think that I was referring to.
    You dont think anyone living in a rural area......... As I said that depends on what your perspective of what rural is.
  19. To the OP.... I travelled 12 hours for my latest bike purchase. It was a dealer, so slightly different. Left a $200 deposit over the phone via credit card just to get the bike off the lot and that gave me 3 weeks to get organised with a trailer and then get down there. Dealer was true to his word on the descirption and the pictures (about 30) that he sent. Handed the balance in cash over, loaded her up and drove 12 hours back home.
  20. N Qld is very different from Vic geography wise. There are a lot of isolated large towns in QLD. If the OP was from QLD and not Vic I would have not made the same assumptions. But almost all the non woop woop areas in vic are within 2 hrs of Melbourne.