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Buying a new bike - concerns...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mario Mendoza, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm seeking the advice of fellow netriders on the purchase of a new (to me) bike.

    I'm a tad confused with the year whole year model Vs build date situation.
    I believe the bike I'm looking at is an 07 model But the compliance plate says it was built 9/06. This seems logical right? It should then be an 07 model?

    Or is it actually an 06 model, as it's stamped 06?
    I've really worked myself up into a bit of a confused state over this.

    Also, what's the best way to tell if a bike has had a re-spray?
    I've checked all the bolt heads etc as you can generally tell if they've had a spanner to them at some point and they look mostly OK.
    But when I looked under the seat, the finish on the inside of the tail piece looked really rough. With what appeared to be a bit of over-spray almost.

    By over-spray I mean, the paint work is two tone on the outside of the body and, well I don't know, it looked rough on the inside. Sounds dumb I know, and I normally wouldn't have been too concerned, but the guy said something in conversation that got me thinking, that's all.

    The actual painted surface on the outside of the bike is tip-top, and a re-spray isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just like to know exactly what I'm shelling my hard earnt on...

    Just after some ideas and thoughts..
  2. I believe the date goes on when the bike was first registered. So it may well have been built in September 2006, but wasn't registered till January 2007, making it an 07 model.

    Someone will correct me if that's not the case anyway.
  3. Models often have a build date of the year before. So, it can be classed as a '07 model by the manufacturer but have been built in '06.

    what did the guy say in the conversation that got you thinking?
  4. Different manufaturers have different cut off points for models. For example a 2012 model might have been made in 2011. I know Ducati and KTM do this and i think Honda as well. The build date is just that, when the bike was assembled. What bike are you looking at? Im sure plenty here can pass on advice.
  5. think about it...the new models...lets say 2012 models get released towards the end of the previous year. so there is 2012 models that are built in 2011...
  6. well I know with Yamaha it works the same as the tax year any thing built after the 6 month is the next years model
  7. does that mean that my bike was plated 3/2010 and was first regoed 11/2011 so its a 2011-2012 model, sadly I think its still a 2010 model bought new in late 2011 :-(
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    What kind of bike you getting?
  9. this is a fact of life. you may well have a '2011' model of a particular mbike, but if you come across 2 identical models in a mbike dealer in the second hand section

    same colour
    same kms
    same service record
    same options (if any)

    and one of them is built in dec 2010 and the other is built jan 2011, the latter made one, will ALWAYS be worth a little more in resale.

    you cannot escape this.
  10. The 2007 model means that it has the 2007 features. If you advertised it as a 2006 model then people would think that you are getting the 2006 features.

    So the manufacturers start building bikes in 2006 with 2007 model features. So you can have a bike built in 2007 with 2007 features or one built in 2006 with 2007 features.

    They start to build 2007 feature bikes in 2006 for sales purposes so that people get the next year models feautues in the big sales period leading up to summer. If they didnt do this then you would have to wait to January for the new features which would cost sales to competitors.
  11. Yeah its been mentioned above but to clarify - if you are simply looking at the features etc that may be present on a particular bike you can work off the Model Year but if you are looking at what date you have to put down when resale time comes (or for insurance) it will be the build date. Salesmen are notorious at spruiking the model date when selling but only look at the build date when trading in.

    PS for insurance etc there will often be codes to indicate that it is an 2011 model with 2012 features so be sure to check these correctly if you are arranging your own insurance too.
  12. My bent veiw on this would be they'd advertise it as a 07 model to make it seem newer and suck more money out of you....but when it comes time to sell it/trade in..."mate..it's an old 06 model...not worth much"

    I usually go on the compliance plate...irrespective of when it was first sold.


  13. Thanks All, Turns out it was an 07 as suspected. A little bit a rational googling, and it was pretty obvious in the end. : (

    Oh, the bike is a ZRX1200R, which I just picked up and it's awesome! Will pick up the front in 2nd just rolling the throttle on with just a slip-on and jet kit. I'm in love!
  14. Congrats on the bike. With the model, as explained above. But you'll probably find that in your case the rego sticker willl say 2006 ZRX1200R.