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buying a new bike before you sell your old one

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, May 29, 2008.

  1. Go for it if its the right bike, you will sell ur old one eventually

  2. Wait to you sell your bike, there are always more fish in the sea blah blah blah

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Im going round to inspect a bike today that i like the look of. Ive always been a bit of an impulse buyer. I know what I like when I see it and I have to have it then and there.

    The only problem is that I still have my old bike up for sale and may verry well soon have 2 bikes in the garage. I'd like to get rid of my old bike soon because its rego is due in a few weeks and Having a car and 2 bikes is starting to get a bit ahead of myself.

    Does it sound like a bad idea to purchase another bike before I sell my old one. A few people have told me to do the sensible thing and wait... However I cant see it being that much of an issue unless it becomes really difficult to sell my bike. Which i cant imagine cause its in real good nick and priced compeditively.

    Has anyone had any past experiences with this sort of thing that has come back and bitten them. Or is it really all much of a muchness

    edit: just added a poll for fun

  2. As long as it doesn't leave you tight on money, then if the prospective new bike is a great deal, not easy to find again, then buy it now and sell your old bike later.
  3. i reckon if you can afford it go for your life, someone will buy it sooner or later :)
  4. It's usually a lot easier to sell a bike than to find one.
    So if it looks good go for it.
  5. you guys are the little devils on my shoulder. yeah its not your everyday bike. (streetfightered)

    i cant wait to inspect it. i hope it looks as sweet in person as it does in pics

    edit: hehe i voted in my own question....looks like i just needed a couple of people to agree with me so i didnt feel like i was doing something stupid
  6. Yes, I have experienced this phenonema, this is why I have 3 bikes at mo. Impressive as it makes my penis size feel, :cool: is equally as unimpressive it makes my bank balance and garage space feel. :?
  7. i have done it with every purchase since gettingoff my p's, and now i'm concidering keeping the escond bike, at this stage i reckon i'm more likely to off load my ute then my old bike

    i wouldn't be able to stand:
    A: having a good deal pass me by, because i was waiting for my bike to sell

    B: hearing others talking about riding because i sold my bike an in the process of buying a new bike, would probably get the first POS that came around at the right price, then i would face the delemma all over again as i would want to get rid of it quick smart

    buy the bike, sell the old one when it happnes and in the mean time enjoy a bit of variety :LOL:
  8. I always end up buying the bike, then getting second (and third) thoughts about selling the old one - "It's too nice", "sentimental value", "never find another one like it again", etc etc.

    That's how I ended up with all the blasted things currently filling the garage...
  9. ....hmmm yeah thats no good...you dont want another do ya :D
  10. Chances are you won't sell your bike before the rego's due. So as long as you can afford that and the new one with insurance, etc... why not! Just make sure it IS what you want, of course. Make sure you've test ridden it. Some look great, but aweful to ride for certain body shapes, or in comparison to what YOU find comfy.

    Also, take into consideration that it might be harder to sell your bike in winter. I sold mine in winter, but at a lower price that I think I could have got mid summer.
  11. I prefer the method of buying a second bike before selling the first. Having two bikes in the garage would mean you could take a friend riding (if they had their licence and gear etc)

    Also having a second bike could put less pressure on the person buying the bike, they see they can think it over cause you have something else to ride and not dependent on the money
  12. Seems the poll results speaks the sentiment of most.
    I guess buying a bike is kinda like falling in love .... listen to your heart :wink:
  13. And when you sell the other bike, suddenly you have an extra $4 or more grand to spend on the other bike. If you keep the other bike, it removes the temptation to buy shit for it straight away.
  14. i feel your pain, same here.
    i cant sell mine, i just retire them :?
  15. I've always bought the new bike before selling the old one (except for the last one which I traded, didn't fancy trying to privately sell a 12 yr old ZX6R with nearly 90,000km on the clock).

    Took me three months to sell one of them but that was okay, was worth it cuz I got the bike I really wanted.
  16. i just did the same thing.
    wasn't even seriously looking for a new bike but then up came a mint K5 GSXR750 for a seriously good price and before i knew it - out came the credit card advance (x2).
    I've only just gotten round to putting the old bike on the market - so i've got two sets of wheels in the backyard for the mo. Kind of cool having a "tourer & commuter" (yzf600r with top-box) and the gixxer headbanger. covers most needs/moods...

    but yeah, hideously expensive on rego/maintenence/insurance ..
  17. Bike Link

    I clicked on the link and it went to a suzuki across 250 - not sure if this is the bike you are looking at, if it is, why not have a look at some of the Lams bikes!

    Edit - I guess this is the bike you are selling!!!!!


  18. In fact, guilty as charged.. I bought my hornet before selling my SL250.
    I guess I was lucky tho, sold the SL within 3 weeks.
  19. Shame you're not in Sydney mate! I'd have a buyer for you staright away!

    Asking price is spot on for her
    Condition looks good
    colour looks good

    pretty much all her boxes are ticked. :(
  20. I have the same problem mate. Additionally, I have one of those stupid tandem garages so I don't really have space for a second bike. Yet I'm a little worried ..... what if I don't like my new bike and wished for my current one again?