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Buying a K7 GSXR 750 - Good Deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bretto, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    After 2 years off the bike I'm finally looking at getting back into it. Going to check out this bike tomorrow and wondering what peoples thought's are. Looking at getting this K7 GSXR 750 for $7500 with 28,000km on it.

    Seem's reasonably priced, checked on redbook's & seems very reasonably priced compared to their valuations & ran a bike facts check and came up clean. Its on the lower side of private seller valuation which always makes me wonder if i'm getting sold a dud. It isn't coming with a roadworthy as the seller says he doesn't have time (which I understand as I have done the same before with a car and I knew the car would pass a roadworthy without a drama but I just didn't have the time then).

    Is this a good deal? Last but not least what should I look out for on the test ride.


  2. I have no idea of your financial situation but they are selling brand new GSXR 750's for $13k ride away. That's what I would buy if I was you. It's 8 years and 28,000ks newer, has two years warranty and is a much much better bike. Just think, you can own it for 8 years (an eternity in motorcycles) and it will only depreciate $5k. That's exceptional value in my eyes. The price of the one you are looking at sounds alright on its own but compared to a new one it looks really expensive. If you don't have the extra coin, just finance it. Rates are cheap.

    I definitely don't need a new GSXR750, but at $13k for a brand new bike that good, it's hard to pass up. Maybe a new track bike for myself.........
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  3. I think it's bullsiht when sellers say they don't have time to get RWC done. It makes me think there is something wrong with the bike and they are saying that as an avoidance. Do you also not have the time to have the bike serviced? How's it different?

    Anywhoo.. It sounds well priced anyway, but as mentioned, you can get very good deals at the moment on new. I'd go and look at the second hand one and a new one and balance your opinion after that. You might be able to haggle to influence the choice of new or second hand.
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  4. This is only a stepping stone to a S1000RR so I wont have it that long, maybe a year or two and then upgrade so not keen on buying a new bike which will loose value a lot quicker. That's why I'm looking at some older bikes. Was either a K7 750 or a Daytona 675. Also saving for a house so if I can save that extra $6k+ I will atm haha.
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  5. be careful of the 06-07 model 600-750 they were plagued with stater and regulator problems burning out otherwise a bulletproof bike .
    there was a factory recall for this.

    the problem was fixed for the next model k8 - to present.
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  6. I wouldn't buy a bike without a RWC - it's all of the small things that they will pickup and can add up to costing a fair bit that you wouldn't notice during an inspection. Things like rotor warp, under thickness pads, bend subframe etc. are all things that I would prefer the seller to sort out prior to buying it, or else you could be spending $7500 + parts and rwc (possiby pushing it to over $8k
  7. Agreed....

    Also the "sound" logic I use to persuade the Missus when I "need" a new bike....

    The Aprilia lasted almost three years.....that's a personal record.
  8. Why does everyone have to justify why they're selling something with a sob story?

    I regrettably need to sell my precious to fund a deposit for a new house. Otherwise I would have kept this.
    Thanks for the insight.
    I am very meticulous when it comes to my cars and bike. I always clean it after every ride and even if its just sitting inside the garage I would still clean it.
    Sure looks clean.
    Once you see the bike you will be impressed how clean it is.
    I'm getting that impression.
    Bike sa been service 2000km ago and changed the oil filter, Chain has been cleaned and lubricated,
    So that's a full documented service history then?
    Bikes comes with registration but dont have time to sort out RWC
    Because you've spent too long cleaning it apparently.

    Where are the discs from? Branded or Chinese like the levers?
    I'm only taking the mickey BrettoBretto but there's a 2011 for $9K with 10000K's. Wave $8K cash under his nose instead.

    Or if you can nick it, great. All the best whatever you decide.

    Remember the motto: 'Easy to buy, hard to sell"
  9. +1

    Hard to save - easy to spend.
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  10. The brakes are Chinese !
  11. Its sold !!
  12. According to your sig it looks like you've already decided on a Daytona but 'll happily share my thoughts anyway.
    I purchase an 07 GSXR 750 with 8 months reg, a few extra's (all name brand) for $7,000 WITH RWC two months ago.
    It's got 17,000 (full service history) and is in pretty good nic except for a minor scratch on the very bottom of the left engine case (fell off stand).
    You cannot legally dispose of a motorcycle in VIC without a current RWC otherwise it has to leave without plates however this doesn't stop sellers from disposing of the vehicle. It just means you cannot transfer the title until you have one.
    New tyres, rotors, pads any anything else for a RWC will quickly erode any savings you make.

    PS: I farkin love mine..
  13. Hey all, I did end up getting the bike. I had seen that the RR & Stator had already been replaced as he kept the old ones. Took the bike for a thorough ride and it was mint. Better than I expected. But even still I got him down to $7,000 which I was happy with. Rides like a dream and I'm stoked I've finally got a bike again.
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  14. Good news, have you had the RWC done yet? Much needed?
  15. Just went for roadworthy today and passed no dramas (Also only cost $95 for it). I had to replace the front tyre which I was planning on in the next month anyway to Diablo Rosso II's. Going back to replace the rear later this week.
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  16. Nice.

    Great tyres too, the Diablo Rosso II's.
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