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Buying a helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Here's the thing...I don't have a bike (and related gears) at the moment, I will go shop for one and test ride a few in the process. Obviously I need a helmet at the very minimum for test rides.

    Would you buy a helmet before buying the bike? Not sure what colour to get.

  2. If you are doing test rides at a dealer they might have helmets you can use, I know my local one does as they even nicely lent me one for a week while my new helmet was on back order.

    As to colours I guess that depends. if you get neutral/dark black and grey coloured helmet then it would go with anything.
  3. G'day Peter1,

    I think your best plan of attack in deciding which helmet/colour would be first to perhaps consider what your budget is. This discussion on helmets etc has come up in many previous posts (in fact, a search may prove more useful to what I type here).

    Personally, I ride with a Shoei XR1000 'Blade 2' helmet. It cost me around $800, which is not cheap yet still not the most expensive out there. The Shoei fits my head perfectly and offered me a better feel than other brands, such as Arai and AGV, to name just two. Shark are also a well-respected brand.

    Once you've decided on your budget, and which helmet 'feels' the best for you, THEN I would be inclined to look into colour options. Regardless of the bike colour (and let's face it, it'll either be Black, Blue, Red, Yellow or White in most cases). Whilst many advocate against Black riding gear (for the pure reason of being 'harder' to be seen), all my gear is Black, except for the helmet which is a matt grey with stars and strips (white/grey).

    When it comes to 'fashion statements' it's really a personal matter, and I'll still say hello to you, and nod, no matter what colours you decide to blend your gear and helmet with....provided you don't front up at the lights with a Pink helmet !

    It's always exciting shopping for riding gear and I wish you all the fun in the world with your upcoming store visits.
  4. Hi mate. If you're buying your first bike, figure out what your budget is, buy the best gear you can and then buy a bike with the change. You're only going to have it for 18 months or thereabouts, but (hopefully) you'll have the gear for a lot longer than that.

    I'd recommend going in to a proper bike store and getting a helmet fitted to make sure there are no obvious pressure points and that there's a minimum of movement. From what I've heard, Shoei XR1000 fit everyone pretty well - I've got one. I got a gloss black one and it cost me about $600 from memory.

    As to colours, etc, just buy something that you think looks good. It's not high school and you don't have to be in a matching uniform.
  5. I've try many different helmets, including Arai Vector and Shoei XR1000, but even with 2XL they were very tight fit. It's probably something to do with the shape of the shell. I've found Nolan N102 is a good fit, being a flip face it's heavy, but it's convenient for me not having to take off my glasses when putting on/taking off the helmet.

    Silver will be a good colour I think (I had a few blacks before), but not sure if silver will match nicely with dark colour bikes.
  6. I haven't heard any bad words about the 102; my brother has one, Loz has had two (I think)...
  7. Would a white helmet match well with black or silver bikes?
  8. I got a blue helmet instead of waiting for the red one to come in to go with my red bike. Yes, I wear a blue helmet with my red bike which has a yellow mudguard at the back. Who cares I get to ride man!

    Seriously though, just try on helmets before you look at prices and get the one that feels good. Worry about colour after fit.