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Buying a Helmet this saturday

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Word_a_Mowf, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. so I'm going to get a helmet tomorrow, before I go for my L's next week.

    No better way to start, than safety first yeah?>

    Anyway...have been looking at helmets for a while, and from what I know...and quite obviously...the FIT is the most important factor.

    As I don't give two shits about graphics and colors, I will be buying a plain black helmet...one that fits me the best and that isn't super over priced.

    i KNOW you can't really put a price on safety...but I'll have to.

    I'm spending up to and including $400, to accompany me on my 250cc bike.

    I'm looking at the Shark range, $399 at Peter Stevens...

    but would LOVE a flip face helmet.

    Reason being is that...I have a fairly large head...more wide than large, and have had trouble putting a helmet on.

    I fit a Large comfortably...but its only comfortable once it's actually ON.

    The problem is getting it on, as my head is wide, at the top.

    The Shoei flip face I tried on was amazing, and super perfect fit.

    But its also $800.

    I heard Nolan flip faces are about $400, and same with Lazer...but where do I get em from???

    I'm in Melbourne, inner city, and travel to outter suburbs is not a problem.

    Any help/info is WELL appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
  2. i think that nearly all helmets are uncomfortable to put on to start with. but over time they loosen up with you head shape and get softer in the spots that need it to. so over time you either get used to it and it isnt a problem or it just loosens up. buy the helmet that is comfotable when it is on.
  3. Gday I got a Nolan n102 flip, I love it, heaps comfy and has a removable, washable liner which helps in summer. Cost about $400 mine is matte black and looks awesome (i think). Also it has a second tinted Half-visor over the top of the the main visor. It gets a bit heavy though on a long ride and can be a bit noisy, but I think all flips are. Other than that its a great helmet and you won't regret buying one.

  4. Nolan 102 flip? - try the scooter place(s) a few doors down from Peter Stevens in Elizabeth Street. Last time I looked they were about $430

  5. $400 is sufficient to get a decent top WOM, & thats double what I paid for mine.

  6. Not so. My Nolan fit me beautifully when I tried it on, and still feels great, and is not loose.
    I wouldn't even consider a helmet that was uncomfortable after five minutes in a store.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Good luck with the helmet hunting.

    Having owned a Flip-Up helmet for about my first 20,000Km's of road riding - yes they have some benefits, and are definitely easier to get on, but also may be heavier or of a slightly lower quality than regular closed face helmets at the same price point. Heavier = more fatigue on a longer ride, but also more weight getting thrown around your neck if you have a spill.

    If you can, try to get a flip up with a one hand release, as it makes life a lot easier :wink:

    Your helmet should not be uncomfortable in the store but they all settle at least a bit!

    Good idea going for a plain and neutral coloured lid - even though you mentioned you don't care what it looks like, at least you lower the risk of looking like a circus escape down the track with multi-coloured helmet-jacket-bike combos :shock:

    But back to the main point - try on as many as you can of regular and flip ups, and good luck.
  8. Yo what was that helmet in the pic?