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buying a helmet online

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chris955i, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hi im after a new helmet and was having a look at getting a shoei xr1000 and i noticed on bikebiz some are only $650. But is it ok to purchase online? im worried about it getting damaged in transit, has any one else ordered a helmet online? and is it well packaged? or should i just spend the extra $150 and buy 1 in the shop for piece of mind?

  2. I would never buy one online. I try my helmets on in person. It is the most important bit of riding gear you will ever buy. Helmet must fit very well to help protect the gray matter.
  3. If you know the fit of the helmet and your sizing, then I don't see the problem. Of course fit is important, but I know I am a size L in the xr1000 (and that the style of the helmet is a good fit for my head) so wouldn't hesitate to buy one online.

    That said, I reckon you could get one a lot cheaper than $800 bucks in a shop... mine was $770 retail, but I got a 20% discount because I bought a bunch of gear at once, so came down to $616. If you go into a shop and tell them you can get it online for $650 you may find they will price match it?

    But in answer to your original question, I have no idea how they are packaged, so no help there :oops: . I imagine well though..?
  4. of course i will be trying one on first and getting the correct size im just worried that it might get damaged in the post. Perhaps some people know of a store in melb thats having a run out of the older design xr1000's im after the badge or camber design.
  5. ended up getting a shoei xr1000 alloy for under $600 from AMX on dorset road much quicker and cheaper than ordering online :D :D :D