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Buying a helmet: flip face Vs. full

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by es, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Which do you prefer? I hate the feel and thought of faceless helmets. What if a pebble gets kicked up by the car in front of you?? ouch.

  2. Or come/knocked off the bike and goign sliding down the road. Wouldn't want my chin and face grinding along the road surface. It will always be full face helmets for me.
  3. My first off was a not so nice slide along Bridge road, the chin bar and the visor were both badly gouged, lucky there was some composite material between my bones and the road and not just skin.
  4. I'll only ever wear a full faced helmet.

    I recently got to test it, and I'm glad I was wearing one.

  5. Full face helmet for me. I was in my car following a truck on the freeway the other day (not closely) it flicked up a stone the size of a pea and put a star shaped crack in the windscreen. Hate to see what that stone would have done to my gorgeous features or baby-face complexion if I'd been wearing an open face helmet on a bike...:LOL:
  6. Full face helmet forever. After lowsiding and sliding into the back of a car, the chin bar stopped the tow-bar from going through my chin.
    I will never, ever wear an open face helmet.
  7. I agree with the others about open face helmets.

    I have a flip-up helmet which is a full face helmet with a hinged chin bar. If you want to chin wag or sip a tequila you press the button and push the chin bar up out of the way. When it is down it is locked in place. Haven't heard any stories about the locking mechanism failing in a tumble.

    There is a review here (April 2003)

  8. I initially had a BWM flip helmet - but due to the design and my small frame the chin section hits my shoulder when I turn my head. I replaced with a full face - Suomy, to match my head more. The full face is certainly not as comfortable as the flip helmet.

    Last October I took the BMW flip helmet to the outback and had a fall. I was totally knocked out and had to be airlifted to Dubbo Hospital. The only damaged to the BWM helmet was the broken visor and a few scratches. The chin guard did not came off the latch.

    If the BWM was not so bulky for my small frame I would continue to use it.

    I also ride a scooter but with a Nolan open face - I definately would not ride this helmet on the open road. Too many bugs hitting you at 100 kph.
  9. Since it was just a minor concussion I believe? it's fine to laugh about it. I notice you wouldn't admit to what you were riding at the time :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Full face for me too! I never wear a BUG CATCHER (as I fondly refer to them).

    Leanne :)
  11. Full-face here, too. I'm already ugly enough.
  12. Another full-face wearing girly-man here, or so those Harley riders would have you believe ;).

    A writer by the name of Boris Mihilsomethinglong has made various claims about saftey risks with full face helmets in AMCN. It all makes for a good read regardless of whether or not you agree.

    I've never had to test the abrasion resistance of the front but the amount of crap that's bounced off (stones, bees, hail etc) makes wearing one worthwhile.
  13. yeah, i'll second that. first time you cop a decent sized bug in the face with the visor up at 100, you'll be a full face person for life :shock: hurts like crazy and all the little juicy bug bits go all over your face and in your eye :? visors are life savers :D

  14. Nothing wrong with the postie bike - it has as much power as Max 8)
  15. A full-face helmet certainly offers more protection. I would wear nothing but one.

    If the unfortunate ever happens, the more parts of your body protected the better.
  16. I have a court order requiring me to wear a full face with a dark, dark visor.
  17. Well I have a full face helmet.. I have always wanted to rty the flip up ones... Cos I go on really long rides on weekends and need to drink etc... But i got one of those hydro packs and its ok now
  18. The only drawback with flip up helmets is noise. I believe that BMW are no longer producing them because they've been unable to get the noise level low enough. I know a couple of other Bee Emm club members who have gone back to a full face because of the noise issue. Since I can't afford one anyway all this information is purely 2nd hand.

    I haven't heard anything about the Nolan though. I do know that it's not just bugs in the face that hurts. Try heavy rain!!

  19. mmmmmmm!
  20. I take it you agree BG?? I have never owned anything but a full-face and am newish to the riding game but if an "off" ever happens, the full face helmets would surely protect your jaw and face a bit better.

    I never thought of the other issues such as increased noise and painful bugs that others have raised, but definately understand that these would be a factor to consider too!