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Buying a first bike - what else is required?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by S>Shift, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Hi, I've been looking to buy my first bike (a Ninja 250R), and I'm just wondering if there's any advice on general insurance people would recommend, and also what people think would be good as security devices - alarms, immobilisers, locks, that kind of thing.

    As for insurance, I've looked at both Swann and RACV, and both look to cost around $800-$1000 for me (I'm in my early twenties). Is that about right, or can I do better?

  2. Try Insure My Ride online.............I had them when I crashed my 600 and they paid out with in 2 weeks no worries.........

    Regards Neil
  3. I went with Swann who were the cheapest for me. But as NJG said give insure my ride a try.
    I only use a disc lock on my bike and I only use that if I leave the bike for extended periods eg the airport. I just accept the fact that no matter what security device I use if someone really wants to steal my bike then they will.
  4. For my first bike I ended up just getting Third Party Property damage because all the insurance companies quoted me around the $2000 mark as opposed to the TPP which was $327 with fire & theft so the money I would of spent on insurance is going to a new bike once I come off restrictions (fingers crossed all goes well till then :p)
  5. Yeah I paid 3rd party then wrote off my $6k bike after 3 weeks. Ouch.

    I would recommend getting comprehensive for the first 3 months, regardless of cost. $6k doesn't look so good with the front wheel jammed through the radiator...

  6. Look into AAMI and QBE, too. Pretty sure there's an extensive list of motorcycle insurers somewhere around these forums.