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Buying a Ducati

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by dsmo7206, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone (I'm new here - first post, how exciting!)

    I've been looking at the new Ducati Multistrada and I'm basically obsessed. I don't know how anyone else feels about this bike but it really seems like it does everything. Anyway, I live in central Sydney and the closest Ducati dealer around (that I know of) is Fraser's.

    I went to Fraser's, and they have the only 2010 Multistrada in Australia (it's not coming out until June or so). Anyway, the main sales guy in there is a total prick - I think his name was David Jensen. He really pushed me into putting down a deposit, and was also extremely smug and rude when we asked questions. I don't know what this guy's problem is, but it seems he makes a lot of money for doing nothing (it seems these bikes really sell themselves).

    I haven't been to any other retailers (Ducati Penrith is a long hike for me). My question is: are all Ducati salesmen like this? Is this a Ducati thing? And maybe this is a silly question, but is there any way you can "order" a Ducati directly from Ducati Australia themselves? Thanks guys :)
  2. Nope they are not. I have ridden dukes all my life from the little 250 single to a 998s and never had a problem like you described. Still cant afford to upgrade, sob sob waaagh.
    Try Ducati north shore in Brookvale if they are still there, they will look after you.
    It does not matter what you ride as long as it's what you want to ride.
    It's never the fastest or dearest bike out in front. If the ducati does it for you then mate go for it. I love them and have been a life long rider of them. They just have a character that other manafactures cant seem to put in their bikes.
  3. I would work around the prick salesman. You are probably going to get the thing serviced there etc so I'd just grin an bear it. It's not like you are going to speak to him much and once he realises you aren't a tyre kicker, who knows? He might tone it down a bit.

    Plus, like you said. They got the only one in the country. I don't blame the bloke for not working his ass off to sell any Duke, let alone that one.
  4. Ducati Brookvale is no more,mybe try Spokes and Treads,at Artarmon on the Pasific Hwy,
    thats what they used to be called,94393549
  5. harden up mate and show the salesman whos spending the money and paying his wages, i love an arrogant salesman, i'll play them till i get bored, then say, nah sorry mate, was just looking anyway
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I might go there, play with the guy, then head off to one of the other shops. Spokes and Treads? I'll give that a try and maybe the Penrith store. I reckon prices will be the same, but without the prick. I wonder how much commission these guys get...
  7. Won't you have to wait until June then?
  8. Some Duke sales staff get a kind of superiority complex, I've seen it with Merc dealers too... but in general I've had a really good run with them. Like any other sales person I just walk away from the muppets or go around them if possible.

    Certainly don't take any crap from them, most don't even own a Duke.
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  10. Nope it's a trait particularly present at Frasers. They are used to yuppies with excess cash coming in to throw at Ducks and Hardley and they are used to them coming back for every service.

    Those in the know buy and service their ducks and Hardleys elsewhere.
  11. guys at penrith are nice blokes
  12. I have to agree with the OP, test rode a M1100 at the said dealership last year, the sales guy asked all kinds of questions about if I was ready to buy on the day, what was holding up a decision, what can he do to close the deal, blah blah blah. Before I left, the sales manager jumped in for second round.

    I have experienced none of above at other shops, usually just a quick chat to say see you when I'm ready. I guess that particular dealership has very high overhead, and therefore the sales guy were briefed to seize every sales opportunity they can. Unfortunately there aren't many choices if you want to buy a duke in Sydney. If I were to get a beemer, it's not going to be from there.

    Btw, what's the on road price of the base Multistrada and the S model? I hope they are under 30k (the base model should be well under 30k).
  13. Found this on the web (prices exclude on road):

    Base: $22,990 (US$14,995)
    With ABS: $24,490 (US$16,495)
    S Sport: $29,990 (US$19,995)
    S Touring: $29,990 (US$19,995)
  14. Actually, each model is $2000 more expensive than what you've written (at Frasers, anyway) - I got a rude shock. So the base model is $25k...
  15. Or maybe that extra $2k is just "on-road costs"?

  16. correct
  17. My bro and I dropped in to Frasers at Homebush, as my brother was shopping for a new Duke. Rainy day. We were the only customers in the showroom. Sales staff ignored us totally. Guess they were too busy having a half double decaf lattechino with a touch of superiority.
  18. Go to Northside Motorcycles - they are REALLY friendly, do NOT push you into a sale and are extremely helpful - they deal with Ducati's, Triumphs and something else really nice...

    I found the EXACT same problem with Frasers, total f#$%ing pricks pushing me into a sale and absolute ar$eholes. Plus, they are crappy when it comes to test rides as they go in front and you follow.

    At Northside Motorcycles you can take it for a spin with a full tank of petrol, and just give them your licence. they said "Go have fun. See you when you get back".

    I've just bought from there, AND they are letting me pay it off weekly!

    Tell them Holly with the Triumph RS Yellow referred you.
  19. Dropped in to check out the MS 1200 in person, what a bike! I want one!

    Apparently there's a waiting list already (meaning everyone pays RRP), $500 deposit saves you a spot, the sales person was saying it's refundable (need confirmation) because the next person in line will take your spot so they aren't worried.

    If you are only interested in the base MS 1200 (no DES), may be it's worth considering the 2009 MS 1100, there's good discount on 2009 bikes.

    2009 MS 1100, $17,990 ride away (they were $18,990 + $2,000 on road), that's $3,000 saving.
    2009 MS 1100 S, $19,990 ride away (they were $22,490 + $2,000 on road), that's $4,500 saving.

    Now, the 1100 is not as technologically advanced as the 1200, the main difference being air cooled and less horse power, but the 1100 was once considered the best sport touring and it's still well respected.
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