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Buying a dicontinued model ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Taff 69, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Hi Netriders.
    When you're in the position to get your next bike does anyone take into account if the model is still in production? Also does the fact that a model is discontinued have a bearing on trading in when the time comes to change? (eg. Yamaha FZ1-N). Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. Cheers.

  2. Parts can become difficult to source, and yes, when you go to on-sell it you will get hurt, so if you seriously consider a discontinued model, make sure you get it for peanuts because thats what you will be getting down the track.
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    Manufacturers have to stock parts legally for seven years in many countries They want you to buy spares as this is where the profit is and so it would be stupid to not have them available. its insane to even consider this a question.

    If the brand might be closed that would be a different story.

    You can still get Harley parts for bikes from the 50s.

    A discontinued bike is sometimes worth more as trade in because the market have no choice but to buy second hand. You can see this in bikes like the w650 which held its value well.
  4. Manufacturer has to stock parts being the key, that doesn't mean the dealer has to stock the parts, and hence that little part you might need is now 6 week back order from Japan.
    Unless the model was sought after when in production, you will get spanked when you sell it.
  5. I can still buy any genuine part I need for a 21-year old Honda. It might have to come from Japan, but it will be available..
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  6. virtually all models are discontinued at some stage yet you rarely hear of anyone unable to buy parts (unless of course their ride was something that did not have high sales in the first place). plenty of owners on here with older models no longer in production.
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    Dealers don't stock parts for current models either, other than brake pads etc. In the modern world it's not hard to find parts from all sorts of sources around the world.

    Dealers have to supply parts for 10 years (from memory), which is not long enoung IMO, but the Japanese supply parts for about 25 years. BMW indefinatly and Hardley there's a whole industry looking after "discountinued" models.

    To me there are very few truly discontinued motorcycles. Most of the time, most of the parts will find their way into future bike.

    I'd always bargain hard for any previous year's compliance plate, but the fact that a bike is discontinued isn't much of a factor for me.
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  8. You can even pretty readily get bits for the grey imports, either genuine from OS, or quality replicas...
  9. So I don't read any current publications, but are they truly discontinueing the fazer or are they just bringing out a new model?

    The fazer has always been just a whole heap of Yamaha parts, from other models, just cobbled together. And, despite looking quite different, and the usual hype, updated Fazzers are pretty much the same from a parts persepective.

    So I wouldn't hesitate buy a "discontinued" Fazzer as an example.

    I'm haveing trouble thinking of any motorcycles that truly get discontinued. Back in the 80s there were some Japanese bikes that were dropped and never taken up again, but lately I can't think of any.

    They worst modern bikes for this would have to be the Japanese alphabet 600s and 1000s. In the world of motorcycle marketing they are making a lot of small chages to these bike, year to year, but because they are relatively popular models it still wouldn't be much of a factor.
  10. CBR1100XX springs to mind as a recently discontinued model that didn't share parts with a lot of other Hondas, pretty much a few VFR bits were shared.
    Production ended 2006
  11. Ok, fair example, but I can't see how it would be overly affected by parts availablity.

    I've said it before that their parts alteration practices is one of the reasons I don't like Hondas, but realisitically you are going to be able to get parts from Honda dealer for that bike for about another 15 years. And then probably and another 15 from other overseas sources.
  12. I don't. As others have said it's only really a problem if you buy an bike that had a very low or short production run. I'm not sure I'd be wanting to buy a Suzuki Freewind for example - although it was based on the DR650 so it may share some parts.
  13. Apparently they are. I believe the MT10 is the replacement.
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  14. 14 posts and I only just realised we are discussing 'dicontinued' models, not discontinued models - please diregard my earlier conribution.
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  15. Haha guess I should have checked that before posting. Once I saw it I thought .... DOH !!!!

    Cheers mate
  16. Yeah that's what I've been led to believe too mate. Personally I would opt for the FZ1-N over the MT-10 any day just on looks alone. The MT looks "cheaper" in my opinion.