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Buying a demo model

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ian, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Given the run in period for a bike is crucial, is it best to avoid purchasing a dealers demo bike?

    Anyone had any experience with this?

  2. No.

    Test bikes are usually given a mild to moderate thrash around the rev range when they are ridden. People want to know what they can do, after all.

    Run in of new bikes is a doddle: you ride them however the hell you want, and the harder the better.
    Initial oil change at 500k's and keep an eye on the tension of the chain.

    I'd have no problem buying a demo bike as long as the dealer is confident enough in it to be offering the usual warranty [and they will].
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  4. Here we go again :roll:

    OP, buy away. Providing you still have at least 18 months warranty left and the bike has not been dropped which does happen on test rides.
  5. I'm also with this school of thought, to a degree.

    My Hornet was the unoffical demo with 500km's on the clock. I had no hesitation and a year and almost 20 000km's on I have had no problems. Just stick to regular service intervals, etc.

    I also don't open her up, until the engine is well and truly warmed up.
    (That sounds so wrong, I know, :LOL: :LOL: )
  6. Mine was a demo. Wicked bike. No hesitation buying one again
  7. I am also a believer in the hard break in method.
  8. The best thing to do with a new bike is to drain the oil after the first 500km and leave it out for the next 500km.

    this ensures the "moving" parts bed together nicely.
  9. Thanks guys,

    It's a Sprint ST with 1,000 on the clock. Not the sort of bike that is likely to be thrashed on a test ride anyway. Dealer has advised it has been serviced.

    Anything in particular I should be on the lookout for?

  10. :LOL:
  11. I favour leaving the oil in but removing the filter and adding some fine carborundum powder to assist in polishing the internals.
  12. Personally, no.

    But as you say, a Sprint is more likely to have been ridden within reason. If the saving is actually pretty good (remembering that there are good deals to be had in these times) then it's more down to if you're happy.
  13. I bought my Demo Blackbird 2 years old with 351 klms on the clock,
    Yes it probably was thrashed on occasions, But how many people are out there that can actually thrash a bike of this size. plus around town, there are not many places that it can be done.
    I have now done twenty thousand klms in twelve months and I have not had a problem with it in any way.
    On a smaller bike the problem of being thrashed would be more significant towards being run out before it is run in.

  14. Never buy a used bike from ibast.
  15. Don't forget that 1000kms of 'demo riding' means its possibly gone through many, many people's hands, since average test rides are quite short.

    I'd quiz the shop/mechanics about their exact break in procedure for demo bikes, pay attention to when they dump the oil. You're want to be damn sure they changed the oil somewhere in the first 20-100kms for a demo bike.

    I agree with a moderately hard run in (note this is not the same as simply thrashing it), but a key part of this is to change the oil ASAP after initial 'hard run in', if its been changed at 500 thats ALOT of nasty crap running around the engine.

    Also to consider is that people generally dont warm up test bikes properly. I make a point of it, but I find when they see me sitting there for a minute or two waiting for it to get some temp into it, the salesmen get confused.

    Regarding what deadman said, very true - constant full throttle/redlining on big bikes is a difficult thing to do since it results in catacylsmic speed very quickly. Unless the dealer is near good quality low trafficked roads the opportunity to push the bikes power limits is fairly limited.

    I wouldn't be turned off buying a demo bike, but I'd be looking very carefully.
  16. :LOL:


    Given salesmen ride their demo models (I was talking to one today), you can assume every demo bike has been ridden hard from cold at least once. Personally, I considering flooring a demo car as essential to assessing its build quality, and I am sure that there are experienced riders who take the same approach to motorcycles.

    If you are going to run in a bike hard, you need to be a nazi about warming up the bike and changing the oil rather frequently, if you plan on keeping it for the long-term. Bikes like a Sprint ST (119 hp / litre) are in a higher state of tune than a Ferrari 430 (112 hp / litre), and need to be treated accordingly.

    So as Phizog says, make sure they have changed the oil early, and if you buy it, change both the oil and the filter as soon as you get it home. If you are tech savy, check that the valves are within spec, I would bet good money that dealers don't bother with this since it can be a pain in the arse to do by itself.
  17. Just make sure they list its sold as a demo then full new warranty applies
    otherwise its a second hand bike and limited warranty then applies
    just in case something major went wrong and the dealer got nasty
  18. Mine was listed as a demo and had full Honda warranty with it.
    Awesome machine. After riding it for 12 months, I would find it extremely unlikely that it would have been pushed to its limits, or thrashed, as this machine is so above that in its ability to perform.
    120 in first gear,
    206 in second gear,
    And there is six gears.
    320 in twelve seconds,
    Thrashed, I dont think so,
    This information came off a Blackbird specific site,
    I think it would be similar to all big modern bikes.
    Now a 250, Yes I can see them being thrashed as a demo,
  19. Another who bought a demo, 7000km later don't regret a thing. Got the full warranty and saved a bundle.
  20. Good post phizog.