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Buying a CB900 - what to look for?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Fitty, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. I'm looking at buying a CB900 in the near future. I know they're not desperately pretty, but from what I've read/heard, they're a seriously fun bike - and being a male under 25, not so painful to insure. But I have a couple of questions for the brains trust;

    1. Is there much of a difference between the different years of the second generation bikes ('02 onwards)?

    2. Anything specific I should be looking out for other than the trip/odo playing up? I remember Loz mentioning something about water getting into the rear hub, as well.

    3. Why are there so many on bikesales.com.au with <5,000km on them?

  2. I have a H9 for closing in on 2 years now. I reckon they are seriously underrated, because of the old school looks putting most people off. They are very easy and fun to ride, also very forgiving and provided you are mentally mature and levelheaded, an excellent first big bike, IMO.

    To answer your questions:
    1. Try and get a 2004 (I think) and onwards, as the front forks are adjustable on the later models.
    2. Don't know or heard anything about the odo playing up, neither anything about water getting into the rear hub.
    3. Possibly getting a bit long in the tooth not only looks wise, but technology wise. Its basically mid/late 90's technology as far as I am aware (old Blade motor), Even though there's nothing wrong with that. There has just been a few more exiting nakeds released onto the market: Z1000, Ducati Streetfighter, etc and 2 year old more modern nakeds such as the SD 990 are getting more affordable for people in the secondhand naked litre market. Don't know really...

    There's a wealth of info on the 900 Hornet or as marketed in the US, the 919 on this site:


    Other than that, its a very good all rounder, an excellent commuter and ok for 2up ( we've done 500km days 2up). It can be a bit bumpy with the stock suspension for the pillion. One major complaint of the H9 is its rear suspension. It is, I understand, a rockbottom bargain basement unit they slapped on there to get the bike out the door. If you can find one with an Ohlins, WP or similar rear suspension specifically spec'd for the bike, all things being reasonable and ok, that would be the one to snap up.

    Cheap to service and pretty much typical Honda bulletproof. There's a bike courier that has his H9 serviced at the same dealer I go to and the last time I heard he has apparently done 200k km's and the motor is still "perfect".

    Look out for excessive corrosion, but this is mostly (as far as I am aware), on non critical parts such as front indicator brakets, etc. Apparently (don't know how true this is) to compete with the likes of the SV at the time cost wise, a few corners were cut, such as coatings.
    Take the seat off as well and have a peak.
  3. Thanks man, I'll give it all a look in.
  4. "Buying a CB900 - what to look for?" - Something else? :p
  5. I was suprised that wasn't the first answer I got.
  6. I wouldn't stress about watery rear wheels - bearings are cheap and piss-easy to fit. Just make sure you use lots of grease and keep an ear out for any noises from the rear wheel and you'll be fine.

    They're a great, bulletproof motorcycle. I'd have another anyday. :)
  7. Hi, I just bought one myself and I have to say its a top bike. The looks have grown on me and it actually has some pretty good lines. I think as already mentioned its a little dated in its styling. The big retro head light is the main eye sore, Im thinking of getting a twin setup. Anyway not important right now.

    I have had ZX9s and a Z1000 and its not that far off either of them down low and through the mid range, its only up top the z1000 and even more so the ZX9s went balistic. Not practile for the road.

    Also as mentioned its so easy to ride and yet it will still bring a big smile to your face when you open it up.

    My opinion in short - great bike! throw a set of cans on it and you get that awesome Honda inline 4 sound.
    Fuel economy is a little average. Im only getting 250ks to a tank.

    Good luck mate - ya cant go wrong with one. 2005 was the year the forks were upgraded.

    Also I picked mine up for $6800 - 2007 model with 4000ks. You wont find much else around offering the same at that sort of price.