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Buying a cage, before a bike :o

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattyB, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. well, i've been working for 3 weeks, earning great money with bugger all over-heads, i'm using this money to save for a bike, my CBR250RR
    but, i'm sick to death of catching a train, and i'm always asking my mates for lifts and what-not.
    plus, it's going to be late May or even later before i get my bike.
    and i saw a car with RWC and 12 months reg for 2k, and it's a decent looking car (VK SL, calais mockup, mildly worked).
    so i've decided to buy that.

    it can be a 'money holder' ie; i can sell it just before i buy my bike, maybe make a profit. but more importantly - i won't spend the 2k, because it'll be in the form of a car.
    if i end up getting a loan for a bike, i could even keep the car for rainy days, or when i need passengers, shopping, etc.

    negatives: i might get too comfortable in a cage, and continue to put off buying a bike.

    am i being stupid?
  2. mate if u buy a vk you will be asking for trouble..
    you will be spending more time fixing it up more driving it :LOL: :LOL:
    get a bike
    less petrol
    no need to spend on parking and also no triffic jams
    and when its wet just get a rain suit ...
  3. Having car experience before getting a bike makes the transition easier I think. Cars are easy to drive, you can concerntrate on following the rules safely and learning how much everybody else on the road sucks.

    Bikes take more concertration let alone watching out for others when you aren't 100% with the flow of the road yet.

    Owning a car as well isn't a bad thing, handy if you buy a TV or decide to shift. Handy if you want to do a squirt to the shops in the pissing rain.

    I'm not sure about your choice in cheap cars.
  4. I do not think that will happen. I take it that the CBR250 will be your first bike? Well, even so but I think you have been bitten by the bug already.

    Sure it might make a car a lot more appealing when you wake up for work in the morning, its bucketing down and you have 20Kms in peak traffic ahead of you but guess what? You now have a car, so take that instead, you will be a lot more comfortable (physically, of course, and mentally due to safety concerns).
  5. And later on a car can be handy when you do track days. It's so much better if you can trailer your bike to the track.
  6. My advice is to hang tuff and save even more $$$
    Always have as much $$ as you can get and dont spend it all on 1 car/bike as you may/will need some for repairs etc and all the things you dont realise you need until it drops off (especially with a VK)

    Get the best used car that you can afford with some $$ left over.

    You WILL get a better bike for the same amount of money BUT a car is more convenient for some things... you rcall in the end but get as much $$ as you can before leaping in, you may regret buying a cheap clunker that will require constant repairs etc.....I had a '72 Corolla that went for years AFTER i had repaced most major organs in the first year!
    Good luck and let us all know what you decide to do :grin:
  7. in adiation to my last post.....

    the first car I owned outright I paid cash for but forgot about stamp duty and ended up with barely enough in my hand to fill the tank with petrol. It was a '77 FJ40 Landcruiser and I was stranded in between contracts with 3/4 a tank of juice and ~$25 in me pocket.
    Since then I have always have a contingency fund stashed away somewheres. :)
  8. Matty, I would seriously recommend having the car first for a number of reasons:

    As stated, there are a large number of morons on the road. It is a hell of a lot safer to learn how to anticipate these freaks in a car that you can skid and remain upright. I have been a cager for 12+ years, and I am so glad I had that experience on board before I got my ride.

    Bootspace. Roof. Air Con. Radio. 4 extra seats. Other reasons. You won't need these all the time, but there will be times when you do, and be very thankful for it.

    But hey. I know how hard it is. You are clearly itching for a bike. If you get one first, you give up the above benefits, these may not matter to you.

    Get both I say :cool:
  9. There's nothing wrong with having a car and a bike - I suspect a large proportion of netriders own a car themselves (I do) or have one in the immediate family. The problem with buying a car first while saving for a bike is that car is more expensive to run - look at the cost of petrol, rego, insurance... and if things start going wrong on your 2k Calais, there's no telling how much you'll spend. It might be a long while before you can afford a bike!
  10. I had a car before a bike, and I still have a car, even though my BF & I both have our own bikes. why you ask?
    Simple...in pouring rain or extreme heat: Car
    When I need to take a swag, two esky's, and two dogs: Car
    When I know one of us will be drinking: Car (the other will drive)
    When we need to carry lots of stuff or 2 extra passangers: Car
    When I have my 5yr old nephew with me: Car

    All other times: Bike.

    I think having a car first gets you used to road rules, flowing with traffic, dealing with wankers, before you have to risk your skin on a bike.
  11. Actually if you bought the right car (not a VK) it could actually be cheaper than a bike to run. Buy something small and cheap and you'll pay less in insurance and possibly use less fuel than a CBR250RR, especially on the highway. Any car selling for less than 2K is unlikely to lose much more in value if you decide to sell later, or if you keep it you'll always have something you can use later if it's simply to wet to ride safely.
  12. "Money holder" is a nice term. It almost makes it sound like a good Idea. I've always thought of them as a bottomless pit to throw money into. :wink: :)
  13. i bought a car yesterday :) its a 1979 mazda 323, cheap on fuel, had a little rego, i paid $350 for it :) Doesn't need to be fast or anything, been down that road ( 468hp kingswood,turbo charged fairmont etc that i built), i have my bike for all other things and enjoyment. Car is the tools, bike is the toy ;) Get the car first though. Is the VK carby or injected? if carby its cheap to fix if need be. Just dont thrash it!
  14. Whatever rocks ya boat Matty, even a cage beats walking or having to use public transport.... nothing worse than meeting the girl of your dreams and asking her if she got the bus fair to get back to your place for a bit of "one on one"

    go on buy ya VK, then you can abuse us when we lane split ya, and we can abuse you for being "just another cage owner" :LOL:
  15. I used to drive a '79 323, last of the Mazda rear-wheel drives. Mine was my sister's first and she painted every panel with a different Looney Tunes character. The car eventually became affectionately known around town as "The Toon". I used to take it around the tracks in the pine forests that they use for the Subaru Rally of Canberra. Those little cars have a surprisingly good feel on dirt roads.

    I eventually sold it to a couple of 16 year olds when I was 21 for $50 (was going to cost me $50 to get rid of it) who wrapped it around a tree shortly after... sad really, that car was great. Never broke down, and required hardly any maintenance, although I replaced the front suspension twice in 3 years from all the bush bashing I did in it.
  16. i rode a bike before i drove. driving is crap anyway. just wait and buy a bike. and USE YOUR COMMON SENSE when you first ride. keep it to small streets and carparks etc.
  17. sorry, i've been working flat out since i started this thread, lack of time to reply.

    heres an update, i left out some important factors.

    i'm 20, and i've been driving flat out for about a year and a half (sold my last car 6 months ago).

    i used to be a mechanic, and it's only a 202 carby 6, so i can fix it myself for most things. it's a cheap shitta.

    insurance will be bugger all because technically it's only a 202 SL (not calais) carby VK. so it's pretty much the bottom of the bottom when it comes to VK's.

    but for my piece of mind, it's been rebuilt 70,000k's ago, blueprinted, auto has been rebuilt and has a shiftkit.
    and a couple of nice little things to make it have a bit of pick-up.

    i'm fairly confident the car is reliable, and even if it isn't - it'll be dirt cheap to fix, considering i can find parts on the side of the road (almost) and do all the labour myself.

    but you're right. i have got the bug, my mate just got his Respol CBR1000RR, and when i saw it i recall saying "holy f**k" atleast 4 times. :\