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Buying a brand newie from QLD dealer when living in NSW ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by paulmoran, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Buying a brand new bike from QLD dealer when living in NSW ...

    Hey all,

    So - time has passed and I am ready to go with a new ride !!!!

    SO PUMPED!!! ...anyways ...

    I am looking at getting a brand spanker from a dealer in QLD and get her rego'd here in NSW ...

    Has anyone done this before ?? What needs to happen, and what are the related costs etc ?

    Essentially - I can buy bike 'x' and have it road freighted to me for $xxx .... then i have a sweet bike ...and no legal way of riding it on our roads ...

    So - appreciate any and all help / advice as per usual from all the good peeps on here;

    Thanks guys

  2. have you ever driven up to Gold Coast? You had to get out and walk at the border didnt you?
  3. what tha ... ?
  4. Why do you want to do that? I thought bikes were more expensive in QLD - and when you buy a new bike dont you get a sweet deal on rego and insurance?, which would be void if you live in another state?

  5. well, from what I have seen, bikes are way cheaper in QLD then here in Syd ...

    What I'm looking for are all the 'issues' I will be faced with once I take delivery of the beast and the associated costs to see if it really is worth it..

    So far I have the following from I can compile from reading threads in forums and the RTA website:

    Registration fees. $55.00
    Stamp duty. $405.00
    Number plate fees. $37.00
    Inspection fee (the blue slip). $31.20
    Vehicle identification inspection fee. $88.00
    CTP insurance premium (the green slip). $382.00
    Interstate cartage of Bike to NSW $350.00

    Thanks again
  6. You're being way too coy about this; what about telling us WHAT bike, WHAT price you've been quoted in Queensland and what comparative quotes you obtained in NSW??

    Further to which, have you checked to see where you stand re warranty servicing?
  7. No worries;

    Im looking at this - http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...4967123 79&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=32&silo=1400

    Which looks like I can take delivery of her for 14k even ...then I have to do everything here for NSW rego etc ...

    So - I went to my local Suzy dealer on the weekend and they quoted me a hideous figure of 18k ....Hence me looking into this scenario ...

    Warranty is national from Suzuki Australia ...so no drama's there - and servicing can be done my any reputable organisation to maintain factory warranty etc ...

    No more coy'ness ;-)

    Cheers again
  8. go back to your local and tell them that you have a quote of 4k less from the brissy one, which your quite happy o purchase and get shipped down. If they tango play along, if they dont, flip them the bird and go north. My point in the previous post was essentially why can't you ride it home? some great roads on the way down and would be an excellent wear in.
  9. haha - yup - sounds like good advice;

    I have emailed all the Suzy dealers this morning seeing if they will match and/or beat ...

    Lets see how we go ...

    Wonder when the 'run outs' will start on the 09 gix750's ??

    Might be soon yeah ??
  10. If the deal includes QLD rego, register it in your name at the dealer's address (they should be OK with that). Then when rego is due, convert to NSW at your address.
    Another option is to use QLD rego but a NSW address. You declare the bike is 'normally garaged' in QLD (again, give dealer's address), but give your address as your normal NSW address. I know this works in ACT as my brother's bike is 'normally garaged' at Mum's place (ACT, where rego is cheaper), but his Sydney address is on the rego certificate.

    And as Lilley said, ride it home, don't pay freight! Have a night at my place (Byron) on the way, only charge a small test ride......
  11. Cheaper to ride it than freight it really :p And good weather at the moment.

    Im assuming thats from Sunstate Motorcycles... basically the cheapest around. God knows how they are doing it.