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buying a BMW ex-police bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oze, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. I just bought a BMW R1150RT ex-police bike second hand - BIG :grin:

    Although I bought mine privately for a god price, if you are in the market I suggest you go to the Fowles auctions in capital cities. I found there are a few people who simply buy the bike at auction and resell it on ebay marked up. I have nothing against people making a buck but you can get sucked in if you don't look around. A current example: I went to an auction 2 weeks ago where a 2006 R1200RT sold for $9,750. I stopped bidding at that price. Now the guy has it on ebay 1 week later for $12,750 ( i.e. + $3,000 or 30% mark up). As I say I have no problem with people making money. Good luck to them. But do your homework and make sure there is not just some middle man adding zero value between you and a good priced bike.

    Oh did I tell you? ... I say I don't like my new bike. Oh no. I LOVE IT. ah ha. BIGGER :grin:
  2. :worthlesspics:

    Yeah maybe we all know what a cop bike looks like (some of us perhaps
    a little too personally? :LOL:), but we all luv pics, don't we?

  3. got the nod from a cop biker the other day. gave it first, but it still counts, particularly as he watched me "filter" through stopped traffic up a bike lane
  4. THE power of Netrider

    Hey since I made he first post the guy selling the bike I meniotned has relisted it as an auction. He must read netrider :) As I said before I have no problem with people making money but just be an informed buyer. :cool:
  5. My mates R1150RT fell over on the week end......helped him get it upright :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Heavy burgers aren't they :wink:
  6. Do they look any less ugly on their side?
  7. thats when the baby cop bikes suckle from their sump
  8. I dropped mine last week... :oops:

    Yes, they're heavy, but I managed to pick it up by myself. The mirror had popped off and so did the RHS pannier.

    Amazing what adrenaline can do, though I had a slightly sore back the next day.

    Oh, and in SA they're for sale on www.auctions.sa.gov.au
    The last R1150 RT ('04) sold for $7200.
  9. :LOL:
  10. Loz, being bored at work I looked up the top posters on the site.
    With one more post you will be coming in second with exactly half of hornet's posts at a whopping 22500!
  11. dear Loz.
    please post.
  12. no, no, don't, don't!
  13. But if you compare postcount to age, Hornet only makes 30 more posts than Loz, per year.
  14. you guys need to up your welcome posts!

  15. hhmmmm i keep trying to post a reply with a youtube video of a woman picking up a BMW - but it does not post????
  16. hey pulled up next to a copper (oops policeman) on his bike. Wound down the window and got his attention. He was on latest R1200RT. He said NSW was just switching to Yahamas next year. he said they had more speed than comfort. I replied that is the tradeoff between by girlfriend and my wife but he didn't seem to get the joke :grin: Hmmm nor did my wife :grin: :grin:
  17. Careful with that bike man. Might have some secret speed recording device in it lol :p

    Don't know how you're gonna get that BACON smell off it :LOL:
  18. Kurse - you are lucky Hubie doesn't post any more