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buying a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sebapl10, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. hi, im from victoria and have been hammering bike sales every day, every hour hoping for a bike (ninja 250) to pop up for a reasonable price. Most ninjas are much cheaper in other states such as QLD and WA. i dont know why but i can save around 500-1200 if i buy interstate, problem is getting the bike back to victoria. Is it worth it getting a bike freighted over(with the risk of not seeing the bike myself) or paying that little bit extra for a local bike. i still think paying $4800 for a 2008 ninja is way overpriced, but what do i know?? im just a noob x2.

  2. But then you have to deduct the cost if transport, getting a RWC, and transferring the rego.

    If you want to find the best deal rather than constantly checking Bikesales maybe try other sites like ebay, trading post, etc. Personally I've found the best prices are found as far from major cities as possible, since it's usually a lot harder to sell if you're out in the country.
  3. The interstate bike is the sirens call, not as it seems.
  4. also factor the cost in for hidden surprises since u cant actually check the bike physically.
  5. If you see a bike that you think is $500 - $1200 more than you think it should be, offer them what you think it is worth.
    You may be surprised (lol in more ways than one)
  6. yeah budget is 4k maximum, then i gotta buy a helmet, kevlar jeans, jacket, gloves (no boots) RWC. if it was up to me id get a 300cc but oldies are not really happy or keen with the thought of me getting a bike.
  7. Bought my 2008 Hyo GT250R for $3k, only 4500kms on it at that stage, through ebay. Absolute bargain of course. I'd definitely recommend jumping on ebay.
    Just find a bike you like, organize a viewing then jump online and hit buy it now.
  8. So your budget for a bike is really more like 3k. In which case stop looking at Ninja 250s, and look for a GPX or ZZR instead.
  9. First bike? Try to deal with a dealer, pay a little premium for a little warranty and support, you are going to need it. If you are handly mechanically and can really check the bike out yourself or by a mechanic you can trust then go the used market and save a few bucks.

    Based on the way you asked the question I would strongly recommend you go the dealer route.

    I think used Ninjas are way overpriced considering that they are only about $1000-$2000 under a brand new price.

    If you can wait for the new 300 to hit the streets that will be the best price opportunity you have to buy a 250 as they will devalue depending on the new 300 price.

    That new 300 appears to be streets ahead of the outgoing 250.

    The company may have kept the new model a tight secret, but the silver lining is that it’s gone on sale in the blink of an eye

    Kawasaki’s all-new 2013 model Ninja 300 is now available now at dealerships across Australia for $6199.

    That’s for the non-ABS model, with three other models coming soon:

    •Kawasaki Ninja 300 (ABS) $6699
    •Ninja 300 Special Edition (non-ABS) $6399
    •Kawasaki Ninja 300 Special Edition (ABS) $6899

    The current Ninja 250R retails for $5999, and the Ninja 250R Special Edition $6199.

    As for the Ninja’s 300’s main competition, the Honda CBR250R is $5490. And we'll be riding them head to head very shortly.

    The Ninja 300 is available in either Ebony or Pearl Stardust White.

    The engine, fed by 32mm throttle bodies, is claimed to produce 38.9hp (28kw) at 11,000rpm and 27Nm at 10,000rpm.

    Drawing inspiration from Kawasaki's range-topping litre-class ZX-10R, the new bike shows off an impressively integrated look, boasting flush-fit front indicators, a 'big-bike' muffler, dual headlights, modern LCD instrumentation, and aggressive fairing design with a sporty rear seat cowl.

    Throwing down the gauntlet to its rivals, the contemporary new look for the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is not at the expense of mechanical upgrades.

    On the contrary, Kwaka engineers have matched the Ninja 300R's fast image and taken to the new bike with gusto, deploying, a stiffer diamond frame, wider rear tyre (140mm), uprated suspension and a back-torque limiting clutch.

    Total curb mass is 172kg, and 174kg for the ABS model. Suspension is a 37mm telescopic fork with a Uni Trak rear, adjustable for preload.

    Source : http://www.bikepoint.com.au/news/2012/kawasaki-ninja-300-6199-32402
  10. Gumtree - Footscray -250 Ninja, Fire Red (goes faster) 5000k. $4000.00
  11. Spend all your money on gear first, then the bike. Even if you have to get dressed up in your gear and ride around the backyard on a broomstick for a while, get the gear first. Budget about $1500 for gear.
  12. You're kidding ,right ?
  13. Sorry if my comment was confusing....4k to spend on a bike...
  14. The thing is, with the high probability of me dropping the bike(or going through my noob moments) i really wouldnt care about the bike. And of course ill most likely upgrade after my 12 months on the l's. id probably be scared of riding the 300 because of fear or crashing/scratching,dropping the bike. AAHHHHH so many things to consider and read and think about. Its doing my head in.
  15. Stop agonizing about it,take your 4k and find the best deal you can on a twofiddy if thats what you want.You'll have fun.
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  16. This....stop ****ing around and buy a 90's model 250 Gpx or zzr that your not gonna baby and not be afraid to test your limits and actually learn things on it....by this I mean it's a old bike that has probably been dropped a few times already....few more wont hurt it...so abit of masking tape to fix up a crack you've caused in a fairing as opposed to being anal and paying for brand new oem fairings like you'd probably be inclined to do on a newer bike
  17. Nup. I rate gear as pretty important and what is wrong with a brooooomstick?
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  18. You're scaring me now,and broomstick riding only requires a pointy hat and a hearty cackle
  19. So they can live with a 250 but a 300 is just way over the top?

  20. I've got a great '98 yamaha Zeal I'm about to put up for sale - $2K to a netrider. ;-)