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buying a bike...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pieces, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. went and checked out a bike i am looking at today.

    second hand 1993 kawasaki ZR550 Zephyr.

    seems to run ok, though the guy had already warmed it up.

    Q1: there was a light pink/cream layer inside the fuel tank...corrosion? or some kind of anti-rust treatment? it was covering most of the inside, and he said it had the fuel system flushed about 2 yrs ago.

    Q2: here is a pic of the fork seals... need replacing?

    Q3: rear suspension rust... how bad?

    here's the bike... any info/advice/suggestions would be welcome, cheers
  2. Yeah those seals look stuffed mate.
    The rust in the photo looks only surface so might be ok.

    Id want to see it cold though, not pre-warmed...
  3. Fork seal are easy to fix. Same goes for the rear shocks. And defiantely woud want to see how hard it is to start cold and hot. There are still quite a few parts available for them. Not a bad old bit of kit. But in that condition I would not go over a grand. Too many iff's
  4. It looks to be to have been parked outside in an area very near the sea, I wonder what else is rusted/salt effected? (bearings, etc?)

    You used to be able to get a coating for the inside of petrol tanks to stop them corroding; if this has been used on the tank, that would reinforce my caution about the effects of sea air on the stuff you CAN'T see.

    Keep looking, I reckon....
  5. cheers for the replies guys...

    looking at something like this or the GS500/ER-5.

    bike seems to be not too bad otherwise with only 22,000km... I think it must have sat around a while once.

    what do you think it's worth? asking $3600, but should be flexible.
  6. Just looks like Kawasaki's decidedly iffy finish quality on a 17 year old bike to me.

    I'd want to see it start from stone cold, though, and, like bretto, I'd want it to be cheap. The Zephyr, though OK, was nothing particularly special in it's day and a '93 is now definitely into the "old but not classic" bracket.
  7. Tell 'im he's dreamin'.

    For that money you could get a far newer GS500, which is still a current model and so avoids the potential spares hassles of a 17 yo discontinued bike.

    Don't buy it.

  8. Copy that... thanks for taking the time to help/reply. It's hard when you're new with no experience
  9. What he said.

    Run. Run as fast as you can.

    You don't want the first experience to be a bad experience. Try for a new GS500 like Pat suggested or something similar.
  10. Just to qualify my statement, I've nothing against the Zephyr per se. Apart from the fact that it was slower and handled worse than previous air-cooled Kawa 550s anyway :D. It was a perfectly OK and competent motorcycle that found many happy owners.

    However $3600 is way, way too much for a 17 year old bike with obvious problems. Whatever the owner might believe, the Zeph is not and, IMHO, never will be a classic. A Z1 it ain't, regardless of the intentions of Kawasaki's stylists and marketing in the early 90s.
  11. Walk away.
  12. yeah, seems to be the consensus