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buying a bike without service history?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by orp, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    What do you think about buying a second hand bike that doesnt have service history.

    Im looking at one at the moment that has just under 20,000 on the clock and its a 2000 model bike.

    Now, I think im more worried that it hasnt undergone regular maintainence than if the clock has been wound back.

    Should i forget about this one and keep looking, or should i take the punt and start getting the bike regularly service now?

  2. take it to a mechanic and get their opinion.
    it is good to see a service history but not essential
  3. Service histories are nice, but as with everything do you trust the mechanic that did the servicing? That is to say did they do everything that it says they did on the reciept. Services history are just a basic guide I would never take it to mean that the vehicle you are buying is in good condition just because it has a service history.
  4. ....also, a service history doesnt mean it hasn't been thrashed or pranged
  5. It sounds like it's a concern for you, so use your own judgement - it's not been a problem for me personally. I'm more concerned of potential previous drops or badly-done modifications. 20,000 ain't too bad for a 2000 bike so unless it'd been mistreated you should be okay.

    Caveat Emptor...
  6. Why doesn't it have a history? If the service work was done by the same mechanic they should have their own records. Ask who serviced it & contact them direct! They may be happy to help you to keep the bike on their books!