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Buying a bike with cracked fairings

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 51OWR, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. G'day ladies and gents. First time poster long time reader of netrider here.

    I'm looking at buying my first bike and my girlfriend was talking to someone at work whose friend is selling a 2007 model GS500F with 250k's on it. The reason she is selling it is because she is a smaller lady and cant handle the weight of it, hence the cracked fairings as she has dropped it going up her steep driveway.

    Although it has been dropped i see it as worth a look due to it being so new, I may be able to negotiate a better price based on the damage. I'm just a tad worried with getting something that has been dropped and am weighing up my options with getting a very newish bike with damage versus something with 15000ks on it in mint condition.

    Now my question is, what are the things i will need to check for seeing it is a relatively new bike that has been dropped twice? And would i be better off getting the older bike with no damage?
  2. If it's only been dropped at low speed then the damage should only be cosmetic - though worth checking that the bars are still straight. An older bike that looks perfect could well just be one that's been crashed and repaired really well so I reckon the newer bike is the way to go especially if you know the owner and the bike's history. Wouldn't worry too much about a cracked fairing if the damage isn't too bad - chances are you'll end up dropping it yourself anyway.
  3. If they were low speed drops (ie no engine casing damage), then consider buying it.

    It all comes down to price and how much damage. Unless you get the fairing professionally repaired, it will always be a "dropped bike" and price will be reflected by that.

    If you want to keep the bike for a long time, then go for it. But if it's something that you might want to sell, say within a year or two, then IMHO, better to buy the immaculate one.
  4. If its just scratches thats a pretty cheap fix. Cracks are a bit more expensive. If they are selling it with cosmetic damage than expect to pay a decent amount under the normal market price due to its damage. My zzr has a small crack and some scratches, perfect everywhere else though. I'd sell it for $4k with the damage, but what I'm going to do is spend 300ish on getting it looking brand new, then sell it for 4500.
  5. She seems pretty genuine and scared of it now. I was thinking for an 07 gs500 with 300k's a fair price would be between 5-6k depending how much work needs to be done. She said one of the cracks had been plastic welded, but the other hasn't yet.
  6. if it's just fairing damage, you would be ripping her off offering anything under 6 grand, plastic welding is relatively cheap, and maybe a few hundred in painting, the 05, 06 models are still going for 6,000-7,000

    but then if she is willing to take an offer that is ridiculous more fool her
  7. You guys nuts. Fairing repair?

    Just buy new panels, they are like a cpl of hundred bucks!

    My scoot got knocked over by a vehicle and the repair bill on a panels was quoted at $800 (because of the paint colour.

    The whole new panel $125 + $80 :roll: And these are pe-painted.

    F*ck body repairers :?
  8. $560 a panel for the GS500
  9. How about you offer her whatever she takes and live without doing repairs for a while and hope you dont add to the count.
    When you think you can live with the bike do the repairs then.
    Might save doing them twice.
    Dont suggest you will not drop your first bike. Second or third!

    My 2c worth.
  10. Ended up that she wanted way to much for it and wasnt really taking damage into account in the price. I went out and found a mint example (i.e. no marks on it at all!!) with 11000k's and got it for 5500 bucks. For a first bike it is unreal and am enjoying every minute of it!

    Thanks so much for your comments guys and girls, much appreciated!
  11. Well done mate, enjoy.
  12. Only a couple hundred bucks! Only?!

    Some ahole backed into me (he'd queued across an intersection and didn't check his rear vision mirror, just his side, before reversing to get back across the line).

    Luckily he only damaged the front wheel fairing but still cracked it down both sides near the forks, held together but only just. $350 to replace the smallest part of plastic on my bike! Okay, I probably could have got a replica, or repaired it myself, but he's paying so original imported from Italy it is ;)
  13. Re: Only a couple hundred bucks! Only?!

  14. Re: Only a couple hundred bucks! Only?!

    Like I said, since he was completely at fault and thus paying I'm going to get the genuine back catalogue part since my bike is in great cosmetic condition for it's age. It's only got scratches on one other panel (nose cone) which I'll eventually either replace or fix myself.

    Can anyone recommend some online store than sells stock decals for bikes, particularly Aprilia? Replacing the decals is the only thing stopping me from stripping back, filling and re-painting the scratched nose cone so that I don't have to pay who knows how much to get the genuine back catalogue nose cone myself! :wink:
  15. Re: Only a couple hundred bucks! Only?!

    take that $350 and have the guard and nosecone repaired together , save on paint costs

    try this guy for stickers