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Buying a bike while in a sling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Well as most people know, my right arm is in a cast + sling for a while. Ive ordered a daytona 675 and would love to pick it up when available. Seeing as I couldn't ride it back home (30ish min trip) I was wondering what options I could use. Either the dealer or place to deliver it (costs??) or if anyone would be kind enough to offer help, I'd pay of course. That is, if I still am in a cast, I might have a low chance of actually being fine before it, but unlikely.

    Anyway, just wondering my options in a scenario like this. Im not sure if I could get one if I pass up my place in the pre ordered list cause of high demand/low numbers coming to Oz.

    thanks for reading :) And any advice is appreciated immensely.

  2. You are seriously kidding aren't you!?
    Pay someone to ride the new 675 for you?
    They should be paying you!!!

    I don't think you'll be short of offers :p
  3. Many will offer to take it home for you. :grin:
    BUT i would ask the dealer to deliver it home for you.
  4. nah, I mean load the bike on a trailer and unload at my place :)

    im going to be really picky on the first oil + filter change to get the crud out and stuff.
  5. Wazza,

    I (and I am sure heaps of others) would be willing to help. The bike can either be ridden or trailered to a place of your choice. Of course, if it is ridden that short trip home might take a little longer than you though ;)

    Seriously, I'd happily trailer it for you.
  6. Oh well now your offers just dropped off :LOL:
    Seriously many will help you out. Good luck with your new baby
  7. wow... i would be shocked and you couldn't find a mate to help you out.... worse case i can get my trailer and lots of blankets and can pick it up for you
  8. ask the dealer.

    If you're lucky and on the route home by one of them they'll drop it off for ya gratis, depending on your relationship with them.

    My flatemate got his bike delivered that way.
  9. I get mine delivered home after a service.
  10. Hey Wazza, I haven't got a lot to offer to help get the bike to your place (except a pair of hands) but I'm more than happy to come drool over it once you get it :grin: :p
  11. Wazza,

    You may have to be a bit brutle and demand a favour from the bike store as a paying customer. Flex a bit of muscle seeing as you are spending a fair amount of cash there.

    If you are annoyingly nice and polite, it can be quite easy to achieve.

    If they refuse just claim you will buy your next lot of bike gear/servicing/cans of coke somewhere else?

    Seriously mate, YOU are the paying customer waiting list or not.

    Just be nice about it.

  12. The bike shop should be able to deliver free of charge for you. I know down here (although it is the country I 'spose!) they would do it. They will deliver after a service as well :grin:
  13. they deliver bikes here for the customers
  14. You pussy. Ride it home. Who needs two hands anyway :p
  15. lol reminds me of a funny story

    when a mate of mine brought a gsxr 750 from ray quincey .. he was unlicenced at the time and i had my right leg in plaster .. ( although about to be removed ) well anyhow i wound up riding the bloody thing home for him .... who needs a rear brake ... but i was younger and sillier then.. you should have seen the look on the sales dudes face ... priceless
  16. Well I guess I will ask the dealer if they will deliver the bike to me :) It'a about 30kms from me, unless they use a bike from the city store that's about 5 kms.

    Thanks for the offers/advice and posts. I'll ring the store and find out my options and let you guys know.

    ApriliaGirl, you're welcome to come over and drool, just have to watch out for me drooling as well. (great motivation for me to heal :) )
  17. hallelujah!!!!

    Hi Warren,

    Your bike is due to arrive in the country next week. We would estimate
    your delivery the following week. We will let you know when it arrives
    in the store.



    Chris Pav <xxxxxx@peterstevens.com.au>
  18. 675!!! you lucky bastard...
  19. Are they just teasing . . . .:LOL:

  20. heheh nup, a guy who works at a dealership in qld (that posts on a 675 forum) has also said the bikes hit Oz next week.. :grin: